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Business Ethics 4 Essay

1003 words - 5 pages


Business Ethics |
Individual Case 1 – The Lost Coupon |

Table of Content

I. Case Briefing 2

II. The Ethical Cycle 2

1.1 Moral Problem Statement 2

1.1.1. What is the problem? 2

1.1.2. Who has the problem? 2

1.1.3. What is the moral nature of the problem? 2

1.2 Problem Analysis 3

1.2.1. What are the stakeholders and their interests? 3

1.2.2. What are the moral values that are relevant in the situation? 3

1.2.3. State the relevant facts from the case, but also look for uncertain possible missing facts? 3

1.3 Options for Action 4

1.3.1. Black-and-white strategy 4

1.3.2. Creative middle way solutions 4

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If Joe and Ellen did not report the scammers, the hotel would lose income, and maybe it would lead the individual guest play the same scam.

However, if Joe and Ellen did turn them in, these three clients would be humiliated in the public and they would feel dissatisfied to the hotel.

1.2 Problem Analysis
1.2.1. What are the stakeholders and their interests?
Stakeholders | Interests |
Hotel Employees | Making clients and employers satisfied to keep their jobs in safe |
Guests | Staying comfortably with the price as low as possible |
Shareholders | Profitability |

1.2.2. What are the moral values that are relevant in the situation?
* Honesty
When Joe and Ellen were facing with the question if they should turn the three clients in, their honesty was also being tested.

* Responsibility
Being the shareholders of the hotel, they are responsible to keep the profit for the hotel.
1.2.3. State the relevant facts from the case, but also look for uncertain possible missing facts?
* Relevant Facts
* Joe, Ellen and an individual client have already known those three clients’ plan.
* There were waiting in a same line in front of the front desk.

* Uncertain Possible Missing Facts
* Would those three clients really play that scam?
* Could three client play that scam successfully and get the discount?
* Did the individual client have a coupon?
* If the individual client did not have the coupon, would he/she play this scam as well if those three clients succeeded?

1.3 Options for Action
1.3.1. Black-and-white strategy
If Joe and Ellen chose Black-and-White strategy, they would/would not turn them in anyway, no matter the three clients actually played the scam or not, no matter they really succeeded or not.
1.3.2. Creative middle way...

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