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Business Environment Assignment (2015) – (Y/601/0546)
* A Qualitative Business Analysis of Two Different Organisations: - (Waltham Forest College: Public Sector and Costa Coffee: Private Business Sector).

* This Process Involved Assessing the Influence of Stakeholders and the Relationship Between Businesses and The Local, National and Global Market Environments.


Introduction 3
Literature Review 4
Overview: Critical Review 6
Methodology 7
Investigations/Findings 8-19
Conclusions 20
Recommendations 21
Bibliography/References 22
Appendices 24

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The analyst (report’s author) also intends to conclude relevant recommendations regarding the behaviours of the organisations in their market environment (Whittington, 2001).

* Consideration of the organisational purposes of the businesses (Waltham Forest College and Costa Coffee) reflective of and relevant to the nature of the national environment in which these businesses operate. Also, an analysis of the global factors which impact upon and influences the business direction of the two organisations, are assessed (Cameron and Quinn, 1999).

Waltham Forest College:
The literature accessed and reviewed outlined that the college is a public sector organisation located in the eastern region of London. Waltham Forest College is an expanding institution which offers progressive Further Education (FE) leading to Higher Education (HE) and related learning and development for school leavers and a range of adults.
The college operates under a Statutory Instrument (UK Government secondary legislation) known as the ‘Instrument and Articles of Government’. This process is strategically led by ‘The Corporation of Waltham Forest College’.
A qualitative (secondary data research) of reviewed literature highlighted the colleges:-
* Vision: To be ‘the college of first choice’ for vocational excellence (in London/UK).
* Mission: To deliver responsive, outstanding teaching, learning and support to meet the needs of individuals and employers and inspire students to develop the high quality skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their future lives.
* Core Values: F.O.R.E.S.T
F – Fairness
O – Openess
R – Respect
E – Excellence
S – Success
T – Teamwork

Costa Coffee:
Further qualitative investigation (Jankowicz, 2000) of reviewed literature revealed that Costa Coffee is a large and growing private sector chain of UK (national) and overseas outlets. The company (business) has been voted the UK’s favourite coffee shop for three years in a row. This is despite strong competition from other rivals in the coffee/hot drinks marketplace such as Starbucks and Nero coffee shops/chains. (Source:
Literature reviewed (illustrated) that as of April 2014, Costa Coffee had 1, 755 outlets in the UK and planned the opening of another 150 stores soon. The Costa Coffee chain is part of the Whitbread group and is looking to have some 2, 200 stores in the UK by 2018.
Globally, Costa Coffee sold 400 million drinks in the year to 27th February 2014. The company’s UK sales rose by 16.5% during 2014 to £807.7 million. During this operating period, Costa Coffee opened three outlets a week, in the UK.
The Costa Mission is to ensure that all of its outlets served the very best...

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