Business Culture And Strategy Essay

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1. Introduction.
JD Wetherspoon plc was founded by Tim Martin who opened the first pub in 1979. This offered cheap beer, good conversation and solid architecture. The motto of JDW is “cleanliness, beer, services and maintenance”. JDW is committed to expansion the new pubs that over 600 pubs. JDW was opened the new pubs that over 50% of the finance generated by the own business. JDW had developed the Lloyds Number One brand in 2000. In 2002, share price increased more than ten times its original value. In the late 1990s, JDW begun developed the budget hotel accommodation.

The purpose of this report is analysis the organization strategy and culture of JDW plc. It should be set out ...view middle of the document...

This will increase purchasing beer price.

Legal: In this case, there has a harmful influence for social that binge drinking and the consequent anti-social behaviors. It gave rise to government and public concern this. Government may take effective measure to it. It cause that the number of new openings was lower than previous year. At the same time sales and profits have also slowed down.
Strength: JDW has lifelong training for all employees and provides opportunity to gain relevant qualifications. Through these policies, employee will create their loyalty. They also launched into maximum effort and passion for their work. Customer was satisfied and company would gain good fame in the same pubs.

Weakness: JDW do not play music or show TV programmer. Some pubs were start showing televised football, So many customers will visit other bars. JDW lost competitive advantage.

Opportunity: JDW pubs can push dedicated family dining area for children and adult. It will increase competition for JDW pubs. JDW’s loyalty customer may bring their children to dinner in there. Sales will be increased.

Threat: Other retail pubs had been developing their business, and then market has appears to be over-supplier. JDW faces the much more competition.

SWOT analysis of the organization’s internal and external strategy environment. SWOT is an acronym for strength, weakness, opportunities and threat. Through a SWOT analysis an organization can assess its current position and make comparisons with competitors in order to plan activities and resources appropriately. SWOT analysis is subjective and short-term in its nature. Manager should know the limitations of SWOT analysis. So manager can use PESTL to help conduct SWOT analysis.

Section 2: Organizational Culture.

Shared value is the beliefs that are shared among the stakeholders of an organization, being concerned about with what ought to be in an organization. JDW operation is ‘involvement and communication’. Staffs are kept in touch with newsletters, a monthly company video and by publishing the minutes of Board meetings. This is one elements of culture web that is stories.

Information is gathered in this level by observing behavior carefully to gather underlying assumptions because they are sometimes taken for granted. Unconscious taken for granted beliefs, thoughts and perceptions. JDW has provided the atmosphere and facilities based on their basic assumptions they find behavior. Such as: pubs fairly large, no music or TV and a quarter of the space non-smoking. This is belong to symbols of culture web.

JDW has using work hard culture in their company. In this culture, feedback is rapid and risk is low. Their stress comes from quantity of work, and strives for high quality customer service. In this case, JDW pubs consisted of a chain of 44 pubs, and now expanded over 600 pubs. JDW expand the new pubs that over 50% of finance is come from cash...

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