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Business Continuity Essay

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Businesses today are heavily relying upon Information Technology (IT) and they are expected to continue operating regardless of what is happening around them. Terrorist attacks (September 11th 2001), natural disasters (earthquake) or a power outage (northeast power outage of 2003) can prevent companies from continuing to provide services to their customers and could affect trust between the customer and business in the long term. Such an event could bring down the company, possibly affecting everyone connected in its organization. “Business continuity (BC) refers to maintaining business functions or quickly resuming them in the event of a major disruption.” (Tittel, 2013)
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You may not be able to maintain multiple areas at once create a schedule that will run certain areas at a time while shutting others down. (5) Maintain operations. Short term and long term operations. What will be needed? Simple items like a checklist and running rehearsals can go a long ways with planning for a disaster. There should be people put in charge of certain key areas like supplies that will be needed and only used in the event of a disaster. It is the small things that can make a larger impact during such a crisis.
A great way to ensure that everyone under stands the continuity plan is to run a simulation. Sure written down on paper and getting a nod from everyone that they understand can be reassuring for some but in the event of a serious disaster how can you be sure. The simulation should be done in phases beginning with a table-top exercise. The table-top exercise is usually consisting of department heads put in a room to discuss any gaps in their plans. Next would be the walk through with the department heads, just to give a basic overview at each point. Last is the actual...

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