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Business Consulting Paper

535 words - 3 pages

Business Consulting Paper
Leonard Eric Manalo
University of Phoenix ~ MGT 527
Professor: Richard Arriaga
June 26, 2013

Vision and explanation of a Business Consultant
It is very important for a company to have a vision and a mission. A vision describes where the company is heading and the fulfillment of its goals. Whereas in mission, it explains the primary purpose of the company and provides the purpose of its existence. Mission describes and communicates to the stakeholders why the company is headed to that direction and its purpose. Having a good business consultant will prevent the company in experiencing downfall, loss of income, lack of trust from stakeholders, and business failure. Business consultant helps in defining the company's mission, goals, and objectives. Consultant must know the vision and mission ...view middle of the document...

Consultant offers suggestion and provides an honest opinion to the client, even if the business is in jeopardy. Consultant offers an opinion concerning the problem and provides an explanation in rectifying the root cause of the problem. A good consultant will identify and understand the goals and objectives, ascertain the root cause of the problem, offers solution in rectifying those problems, then guides the company towards the desired outcomes.
Definition of a Business Consultant
Block (1999) stated, “A consultant is a person in a position to have some influence over an individual, a group, or an organization, but who has no direct power to make changes or implement programs” ( p. 12). A consultant is someone hired by an organization either temporary or a permanent position to solve one or more specific problems.

Functions performs by a Business Consultant
Business consultant performs many functions. Consultant provides consulting, provides guidance and support, advising, and modifying programs if needed for the success of the company. Consultant provides guidance by coaching, guiding, and train employees. Consultants also institute strategies and techniques, screen potential employees, and help the company in making it more progressive. Consultant assist in developing management and supervisory skills of its employees, helps in identifying training and operational needs. A good consultant also knows how to improve the organizational communication of the company, improve work performance, and boost employee motivation. Another important function of a business consultant is that he or she provides the company the necessary tools in increasing the levels of company’s performance and achievements and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Block, P. (1999). Flawless consulting: A guide to getting your expertise used. : John Wiley & sons, Inc.

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