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Business Consulting Essay

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Running head: Business Consulting

Week 1: Business Consulting
University of Phoenix
MGT 527

A Vision of a Business Consultant
A vision can mean the ability to anticipate possible future events and developments. In business, consultants use vision statement along with a mission statement to further guide, inspire, and provide direction to the organization and its employees. Further, vision, and mission statements are paramount to the future growth and success no matter what kind of business you are doing. As a Business Consultant, one must have ultimate vision and mission statement that could deliver its purpose and values to the ...view middle of the document...

9) Drive process improvements and efficiencies.
10) Integrate best practices while evaluating business prospects, goals and, objectives.
What is a Business Consultant
A business consultant helps businesses grow and help increase their operational efficiencies. They are professionals who examine business operations and offers solutions to problems. They assist organizations build efficient plans for meeting their goals. They give general advice from the outside looking in, but to give you accurate solutions, they must know your business very well–like as you know it. Part of what they do is identifying your company’s weaknesses and strengths and provide solutions to problems to ensure success. Opportunities to help your business grow and increase efficiency will also be assessed by a consultant.
What Functions Does a Business Consultant Perform
Learning the customer’s business inside and out is a critical part of a business consultant’s job. It usually takes time to learn as much from the owner and from other key employees in the organization. Every details of the organization’s mission must be open to the business consultant to come up with clear and concise solutions to whatever problems discovered. Once the business consultant...

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