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Presentation to Group Steering Committee on Lessons learnt from Implementation of Tilechester Pilot Computers were introduced into Betabuild Builders Merchants, Tilechester on April 1st 1986 for stock recording. Order entry went live in January 1987 and the whole system was live on June 1st 1987. The effect was summarized by the Tilechester manager:- "Now that we have installed the system I cannot see how any company carrying the number of stock items that we do could remain competitive without computers. Benefits include reduced errors and better accounting controls, plus staff are freed of mundane clerical details and able to provide a far better service to our customers." The lessons ...view middle of the document...

2. Physical Turning to the physical side of the company, work to prepare the organization should start a minimum of 6 months before the date for commencement of installation.2.1 Coding of Stock It is necessary to have information available in the form it will be input to the computer. Therefore before installation all sales tickets should be addressed with the customer code and product codes prior to order processing and stock should be coded wherever it is.2.2 Customer Price File With information on computer, the review of special terms can be carried out periodically either prompted by the computer or by management.2.3 Reorganization Other physical problems relate to office environments and a new layout may be needed to take maximum benefit from the computer. It is unlikely that everyone will have a terminal and thought is required as to how sharing of terminals will be handled.3. Customer All the effects of a computer system come to nothing if we do not involve the customer from an early stage.3.1 Invoices/Statements At Tilechester a letter explaining the introduction of the computer was included with the statements prior to order processing going live. This explained that a computer system was being introduced and net prices would be shown on invoices. Out of 3500 letters only 4 replies were received.3.2 Sales Approach Sales staff were asked to mention the computer to their customers face to face, and explain what was going on and lorry drivers presented the customer with a computer printed advice slip when delivering goods.3.3 Results There will always be errors, but the number of queries and credit notes is slowly falling and there is scope for reducing this still further. Cash sales are produced much more quickly than the manual system, and this benefits all customers.4....

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