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Business Communications Paper

4057 words - 17 pages

ADMN 233

Assignment 2 Template

Assignment 2 Instructions

Assignment 2 is worth 15% of your final mark. It should be completed and submitted after you finish Chapter 7 in your textbook.

This assignment is divided into three parts, corresponding to the 3-x-3 writing process described in Unit 2 (Chapters 5 to 7) of your textbook. You will complete three activities in each part of this assignment.

Part 1: Prewriting (30 marks)
Activity A – Analyze a task
Activity B – Anticipate an audience’s needs
Activity C – Adapt your message to your audience and its needs

Part 2: Writing (30 marks)
Activity A – Research a topic and generate ideas
Activity B – ...view middle of the document...

It includes copying words from an assignment you wrote in this course into a new assignment; copying your instructor’s comments and presenting them as your own; and copying headings, outlines, sentences, paragraphs, tables, and graphics without permission or citation.

Plagiarizing someone else's writing is not allowed at Athabasca University. For information about plagiarism and intellectual honesty, consult the following page from the Athabasca University Calendar:

ADMN 233 markers use anti-plagiarism software. The consequences for plagiarism and academic misconduct are severe. If you are caught plagiarizing someone else’s text, you will obtain a zero on this assignment. A letter describing this offence will be appended to your student record. You risk being suspended or expelled from Athabasca University.

Part 1 Prewriting (Questions 1 to 11) 30 marks

Refer as needed to material in Chapter 5 of your textbook. Read the instructions for each activity. Answer all questions clearly and concisely. If possible, include examples to highlight your comments.

Activity A – Analyze a task


1. What is David’s primary purpose in sending a message to his reader? (Refer to page 95 in your textbook.) Support your answer with an explanation. (2 marks)

The primary purpose of David’s message he is sending to his reader is to inform the customer that his company will not honor customer’s claim. A business message primary is to either to inform or persuade; in this case its purpose is to inform.

2. What is the secondary purpose of David’s message? (Refer to pages 95 and 96 in your textbook.) Support your answer with an explanation. (2 marks)

The secondary purpose of any business message is to promote goodwill. David wants his company to look good in the eyes of the customer, even though they’re denying the customers claim.

3. Which channel (e.g., phone call, e-mail, or letter) is best suited to communicate this type of message? Explain your answer. Consult Figure 5.2 Choosing Communication Channels on page 97 in your textbook. (2 marks)

The best way to communicate this type of message would be to give the customer a phone call. The reason being, it allows for the customer to know quickly, you can’t meet him in person, and nonverbal cues do not matter. Although a phone call could seem impersonal, it still allows you to use verbal cues and express that “you’re sorry” to the customer.

Activity B – Anticipate an audience’s needs


4. Who is (are) the primary reader(s) targeted by this memo? Refer to Figure 5.3 Asking the Right Questions to Profile Your Audience on page 98 in your textbook to provide an explanation. (1 mark)

The primary reader targeted by this memo is Patricia Irving. The reason she is the primary reader is because she is the one that asked for the...

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