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Business Communications Chilean Miners Essay

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On August 5, 2010, the lives of 33 Chilean miners would be changed forever. A cross in the desert now marks the spot where the mine had collapsed and trapped 33 men nearly a half-mile under millions of tons of earth. News reporters across the world flocked to Chile to capture every waking moment as these newly dubbed heroes were ripped from the beneath earth as if they were roots entwined deep within the dusty clutch of the lowest crust of the planet. The story made national headlines and each miner became a hero after their 69 day trip to hell and back. When the news first broke of the incident, the information needed to get out to the world, but most importantly to their families. ...view middle of the document...

He took notice of one of the team member’s non verbal indications. He was extremely fidgety and restless with his hands. Through face to face communication and an understanding of non verbal communication and cues, the team leader spoke with him in private before the operation and discovered that he suffered from bathophobia; a basic fear of depths. Through this face to face communication, the team was able to effectively communicate the situation and find the right team for the job.
On that fateful day, the people who were safe on the surface of the mine didn’t know that anyone survived for more than two weeks. The families of the miners were to be addressed but in a delicate way. The communication style had to be flexed to lighten the gravity of the incident that happened that day. Delivering the facts to the families would be similar to that of delivering the facts to the rescue team. A representative of the mine, the rescue team and maybe even some public officials would need to visit the miner’s family at their residence. They would be invited inside and sit down to describe in detail exactly what happened. The communication style would have to be comforting and light even though the severity of the situation isn’t. The report delivered to the families would have to have sympathy and emotion and ensure that every safe precaution is taken. Bringing comfort to the family is a priority in communicating the tragic news. It’s important to be specific information to what exactly is happening as it is happening. A detailed plan of action must be made available to the families so that the delivered message can be correctly communicated as it was intended.
When addressing an incident, the speech provides the audience with the information about the event or occurrence. The event you speak about could very well represent a historical event that will be remembered for years to come. The speeches given are to inform and re-create the incident for each intended audience. First, a timeline of what happened should be explained. Second, a description of the physical setting where the incident occurred should be described. Third,...

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