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Business Communications Essay

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Business Communication
Communication is one the most important aspect to a business success in this ever changing business world. The right type of communication can make or break a company at any point. Business communication involves many different types of communication; face to face meetings, e-mails, text messages, live speeches and telephone conversations to name a few.
Scenario one
As the marketing manager for a new beverage I would communicate to my team how to develop a strategy for entering this new beverage into the global market, with a step by step process. I would start with electronic communication depending upon my team’s access with electronic communication. I ...view middle of the document...

Judge (2011). By doing a face to face meeting with the Vice President I can present my argument about product strategies and receive immediate feedback. Receiving immediate feedback is a corner stone when developing strategies for new products.

Scenario two
As the manager of a large travel agency managing 11 employees, when an employee informs me of a login and password issue communication to the proper authority is key. Login information is touchy issue when it comes to a companies’ policy and procedures. Privacy concerns have made companies tighten up their policies for giving out login and password sensitive information. Contacting the IT department by telephone is the option we use because how important the information communicated is. According to S. Robbins and T. Judge (2011) telephone conversation is in the top four when it comes to the richness in business communication. I have had an employee’s login and password expire as well and the best communication was telephone conference because of the importance of information and the timeliness of the situation. Telephone conversation is the best communication channel for this situation because you want information in a timely manner, If you use e-mail there is a chance the IT department will not get with you until later that day, which is why for this scenario telephone is the best route of communication.
When receiving privacy information like login and passwords it is key for you to do the right communication level so your information is protected. Electric information is a great communication channel but electric information over the internet is always a risk to be hacked. In this case using face to face, video conferencing and telephone channels is best tool for sensitive information. I would call each employee affected by the expiring information because how sensitive the information is and the need to express the information in a timely manner. Telephone conference is the best choice when delivering sensitive information and timely information to your team. You also could do a face to face meeting with the employee but that depends on the availability of the employee. If...

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