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Business Comm. Paper

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Business Communication Trends Paper
Derek Phillips
27 March 12
Stella Kalfas

“Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.” Jim Rohn
This quote is a great example of how business communication works. Business communication comes in all forms, but it isn’t all about what you know. Some forms of business communication or verbal, and non verbal. Business communication plays a great role in my day to day activities at work. My job as a military liaison is to travel throughout the Midwest and speak to military service members about their educational goals. In addition to that, I ...view middle of the document...

This allows me to work remotely from the company headquarters. Data security versus privacy is a very real situation for me in my workplace. Working in the education field I am obligated to follow FERPA laws (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) so all of my technological devices that I used must be protected. All of my equipment is monitored, and I have a great responsibility to the service member’s information that I collect. Focus on Quality and Customers’ Needs; this trend is especially significant to my workplace because poor quality customer service can cause my division to lose its budget. My workplace has put a heavy importance on customer needs, and quality. One of the new practices by my company is to collect ideas from its workers to foster innovation to improve quality.
Since technology is one of the trends that has most affected my workplace, the message types that have resulted from this trend are; Social media messages (Facebook, Twitter), Service members can communicate with their classmates from anywhere using the internet using internal message boards (student portals), and technology has allowed me to communicate with my managers through email, and telephone conversations. Data security versus privacy is...

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