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Business Canvas Essay

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Business Canvas: Online Store Divided by Country
Key Partners 8 | Key Activities 7 | Value Propositions 2 | Customer Relationships 4 | Customers Segments 1 |
* Foreign companies * Postal service companies | * Platform/Network * Intermediate sales | * Accessibility * Convenience | * Personal assistance * Automated services | * Niche market * Multi-sided platforms |
| Key Resources 6 | | Channels 3 | |
| * Physical * People | | * Website | |
Cost Structure 9 | Revenue Streams 5 |
* People * Marketing | * Brokerage fees |

Activities Description

1. Customers Segments
There are two kinds of customers segments in this business. The first one is Niche Market because this is a new business that is focused in a specialized customer segment that is foreign people. The second ...view middle of the document...

3. Channels
The way that this business will have contact with its customers is by a website. The website is going to be divided by departments, in which each department has products from a specific country.
4. Customer Relationship
As pointed out before, this business has two kinds of customers segments, people who buy the products and companies that offer their products. In this way, there are two sorts of customer relationship the relationship with the customers and with the companies. The customers will use an automated service by the website, and the companies will have contact direct with this business by personal assistance, which there will be some employees responsible for contact the companies to facilitate the process.
5. Revenue Streams
As this business is going to work as a facilitator between two parts, the customer and some companies, the type of revenue will be brokerage fees. In this way, for each purchase a fee will be taken as a percentage of the payment.
6. Key Resources
For this business two main kinds of resources are necessary, physical resources and people. Physical resources will be as an office two organize the company and people to contact the other companies to sell their things and to contact customers when they need.
7. Key Activities
The main activities of this business are Platform/Network and Intermediate Sales. The platform will be the website that has to be developed and maintained continually. Intermediate Sales refers to the activity to facilitate the market between companies and the customers of the business.
8. Key Partners
As key partners this business need companies that were described before and postal service companies to deliver the products that are being sold.
9. Cost Structure
The cost structure is basically focused in two things: People and Marketing. People are the employees to make the business work out. Marketing are costs with advertising and the act to create the need for the products that are being sold.

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