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Business Budgeting Essay

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1) The purpose of this study is to observe health trends to effectively respond to the changing patterns of the people’s physical condition in the community (Channel News Asia [CNA], 2012).
2) Survey methods are advantageous as they are generally useful in describing the features of a huge population, there is not another method that could provide such a general form of observation (Colorado State University [CSU], 2012). Survey methods are advantageous as it allows flexibility during the early stages choosing how the questions will be asked, by face-to-face interview, telephone, written survey, oral survey or by any electrical ways (CSU, 2012). Survey methods are advantageous as they ...view middle of the document...

The benefits of this study will also help to quickly produce and put health promotion programmes which will assist Singaporeans in living a lively and healthy life (CNA, 2012). The benefits of this study will also help researchers to monitor how well Singaporeans are doing in their attempts to make progress in their health and permit a much quicker response to alternating patterns of health and physical weaknesses in Singapore (CNA, 2012). Yes, I agree with these benefits. They help assist researchers greatly as it shows how Singapore health conditions are doing.
4) The practical challenges of this study are that it requires people to actively join on their own free will and getting more than 3,000 participants would be a challenge (CNA, 2012). The practical challenges of this study are that complications will arise as it is a first time for the school to conduct such a survey (CNA, 2012). The practical challenges of this study is that it will provide estimates health conditions and how healthy lifestyles are being lived in Singapore during the years when the National Health Survey is not being done (CNA, 2012). The practical challenges of this study are that during the interviewing of the participants taking part in the survey, they might not be honest to some questions that are sensitive or controversial (CNA, 2012). The practical challenges of this study also includes the question of how effective will this study be, whether it might even be of any help to the researchers on researching Singapore’s health trends (CNA, 2012). Yes I agree with the practical challenges of this study. The practical challenges will undermine the researchers to assess how health trends are in Singapore and whether the survey might be even successful.
5) This article is about a study on Singapore health trends, how researchers hope to understand health trends and effectively respond to the health conditions faced by the community (CNA, 2012). The method being used for this study is a survey method in which interviews will be done to ask participants on their daily lifestyle habits (CNA, 2012). This article also talks about how researchers hope to understand how health problems are affecting Singaporeans (CNA, 2012).
6) Yes, a research like this should be conducted as it greatly helps researchers to understand the health issues Singapore face and the health condition Singapore is in and allows quicker responses to health issues that arises. Researching helps one to assess and understand the level of healthcare that is needed and what is the state of healthcare at the moment. Researching also helps to understand the health trends such as obesity and smoking and what causes such health trends. Population segments that display a huge amount of such health trends, health campaigns and health programs can be implemented in that certain segment to help encourage a healthy lifestyle and make the...

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