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Imc Strategy Assessment
AMN 401 IMC Strategy Assessment
Table of Contents
1.0 Message Review 2
1.1 Current Message Strategy 2
1.2 Message Effectiveness Critique 2
1.3 Proposed Message Strategy Adjustment 3
2.0 Channel Review 4
2.1 Channel Integration Grid 4
2.2 Channel Effectiveness Critique 5
2.3 Proposed Channel Strategy Adjustments 5
3.0 Target Segmentation 6
3.1 Geographic Segmentation 6
3.2 Demographic Segmentation 6
3.3 Psychographic Segmentation 6
3.4 Behaviouristic Segmentation 7
3.5 Benefit Segmentation 7
3.6 Target Market Description Statement 7
4.0 Competitor Profile 9
4.1 Competitive Framework 9
4.2 Competitor Analysis – Offerings and Communication 9
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In addition, from the 5th of March, Coca-Cola launched “The big 100,000 Cash Splash” campaign to make consumers more involved in other products in the company. At the two-way communication approach, consumers have resisted the push of advertising and have built their own barrier. They share experiences through different contact tools, and gather what they need, this give them greater control and influence.
1.2 Message Effectiveness Critique
The dynamic and distinctive message strategy has help Coca-Cola gained many benefits. In order to live passion and positive, the company had tried hard to make a difference in the market. When Coca-Cola launched the “Share a Coke” summer campaign last Christmas, 62,208 virtual Cokes created of which 56,211 were shared, this generated 1,719,227 newsfeed impressions(Burke, J., 2011). However, it is obviously that there is less advertising about other types product in this company.
1.3 Proposed Message Strategy Adjustment
Coca-Cola offers about 7 kinds of products in Australian market, include: Energy Drinks, Soft Drinks, Juices etc,. However, it is obviously most of its advertisement are for soft drinks, especially for coke. Therefore, the company should consider adding more in formations about other types to develop more consumers to understand their products broadly. What’s more, because Coca-Cola Company is the leader in the mark, company should try to do some offers to more values to consumers, they could use service message in its approach, hiring more sales representative to launch campaign and activity to transform some importations which can not get from adverting.
2.0 Channel Review
2.1 Channel Integration Grid
|Factors of |TV |Print |Radio |Internet |Direct |Packaging |Sales |
|Integration | | | | |Mail | |Staff |
|Logo | |
|Tagline | |
|Corporate | |
|Colours | |
|Message | |
|Strategy | |
|Multiple | |
|Audience | |
|Common | |
|Objectives | |
|Common | |
|Image | |
| |
Grid Key |High Integration | |Mid Integration | |Low Integration | | |2.2 Channel Effectiveness Critique
Channel integration grid has give a briefly outline about a number of strengths and weakness in the current IMC commutations approach of Coca-Cola Company. Logo and company colours were highly integrated into media and multiple audiences were largely attained across media types improving value of spend. Strengths of media included TV, print, radio, and product packaging which presented a consistent strategy at all times. The factors for the low integrated was tagline. Because every media channels use different taglines and some of them even can’t be seen during its transform.
2.3 Proposed Channel Strategy Adjustments
Obviously direct mail is a critical issue for the company that needs to be improved from the IMC mix. Company should consider using direct mail as the basic one, then support with sales promotion, to support others. This would made the promotion not only had a focus but also got more...

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