Business And Management Internal Assessment Paper Should Packaging Of Product Pistaci Be Changed In Order To Increase Sales?

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SHOULD PACKAGING OF PRODUCT PISTACI BE CHANGED IN ORDER TO INCREASE SALES?ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSI would like to thank the company for helping me in my research and offering all the information needed. Even though they expressed some confidentiality concerns, people in this company were very interested in providing me with assistance and the answers to all my questions.CONTENT PAGEResearch ...view middle of the document...

.15Bibliography and References……...……………………………………………..16Appendices……………………………………………………………………….17RESEARCH PROPOSALThe objective of my research is finding the answer to the question: "Should packaging of product Pistaci be changed in order to increase sales?" Packaging is part of the Topic 4 - Marketing, Sub-topic 4.5 - Promotion from the syllabus.Regarding methodology, I will use primary research to gather necessary information. In order to prepare this information for analysis, I will use some standard statistical methods. I plan to approach company Ateko, the producer of Pistaci and interview the director of the company, the manager of the company and some of the employees in order to gather enough information to complete my research. Moreover, I will interview randomly selected customers which opinion is the most important for my research in order to find out what they think about the packaging of Pistaci and the product itself. The findings from all these interviews will be my main source of information.I will also use the course book of my business studies to set the theoretical framework for the research. I will prepare SWOT analysis in order to investigate internal characteristics, external influences and current position of the company.In the process of my research I expect to encounter some difficulties. The following issues are likely to occur:- The company can refuse to cooperate with me for some reasons such as confidentiality or simply because it is their policy not to get involved in external audits,- Gathered information may not be sufficient for the analysis,- Customers can also withhold from cooperation in the research,- Sampling method may not reflect the overall customer's opinion.I hope that, if some of these problems really occur, they would not be so extreme to influence the result of the research.My Action plan for this research is:
May 5th 2009

Obtain the cooperation from manager and director of the company.

July 1st 2009

Interview customers and make conclusions from their answers.

July 15th 2009

Visit the company again and interview the manager, director and some of the employees.

September 9th 2009

Analyze the gathered information, prepare SWOT analysis.

November 12th 2009

Write the first draft of the paper.

February 2nd 2010

Complete the final version of Internal Assessment Paper.

ABSTRACTThis investigation should give the answer to the question: Should packaging of product Pistaci be changed in order to increase sales?The introduction gives us the background of the company which produces this product and some general information about it: how they started running the business, how...

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