Business And It Alignment Advantages Essay

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Business and IT Alignment Advantages
Douglas Peters
June 17, 2013
Jack Davis

Business and IT Alignment Advantages
The advantages of aligning business and IT strategies are many. The first and most important to most businesses is to improve their bottom line or profits. Integrating strategies will help to achieve maximum benefits and generally will improve a company's overall performance.
IT or Information Technology is becoming a key to businesses succeeding especially as they grow. By aligning business and IT companies can reduce costs, streamline or standardize processes within the company saving both time and money which can improve workflow and communication within the ...view middle of the document...

Customers no longer are constrained by businesses only being available certain hours.
IT innovations such as email and texts, electronic sales and payments, inventory management etc. have made businesses more profitable by eliminating most if not all of their "brick and mortar" stores. The Internet has allowed companies to communicate worldwide 24/7 with its customers. The Intranet has allowed a company's employees to communicate with each other worldwide 24/7.
"IT technology has allowed functional departments or product groups (even factory workers) to share critical information instantly." (University of Phoenix, n.d.).Customer service representatives can use worldwide company databases to update customer information instantly and help with problems strengthening customer relations.

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June 17, 2013

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