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Business And Finance Unit 3 P1

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The role of marketing in organisations

In this assignment I have been asked to research the marketing techniques used by two different companies, within different sectors such as private sector and the other has to from either the public or voluntary sector and outline the techniques used within both business’s. The companies I will be choosing will be Virgin from the private sector and the NHS from the public sector.

Growth strategies
The Ansoff Growth matrix is another marketing planning tool that helps a business determine its product and market growth strategy. Virgin have used growth strategies such as ansoffs matrix as they have concentrated hugely on market ...view middle of the document...

However they could open up walk in centres which would bring in a new market for the NHS

Virgin have used product development as they have made aims to bring new products to old customers such as Virgin media, Virgin mobile, Virgin music and travel. All these products/services must remain different as they need 2 remain competitive as they are similar companies out there already.
NHS aim to make their services better but that’s it as a whole they are the major provider so customers have to accept the service received. For example A&E they try to move as quick as possible but there’s not much incentive for the workers to do so as wages may not be as much as the private sector. They have products such as dentistry and sexual health clinics which is different to their hospitals and is a different service to old customers.

Virgin have used diversification because they have made virgin television which is a new investment and product for them as they invested funds into research and development to find out what their customers want in regards to media. They brought in Virgin plus which enables the customer to stop, rewind and forward live televise. Having being the second company to introduce this they have been very successful along with their competition sky. However they were clear with the aim and managed to achieve it.
NHS has used diversification by introducing walk in centres which is a new investment for them as before they relied on hospitals. This is to reduce the strain on hospitals as the demand is greater than the service at times

Survival strategies
Survival strategies are methods used by a company to maintain there successful state within the economic world. Virgin have used survival strategies like lowering prices to be cheaper than other providers and they have issued a campaign called screw the recession which is to help young people with affordable cell/phone services this enable virgin to keep going through the recession and maintain profits possibly as people will join whoever offers cheap and quality services.

Another strategy would be going global considering currency matters in the business world it would make sense to invest or expand in countries where the currency is weak such as America. A further strategy is web access, as this enables customers to acquire what they want as costs in fuel are rising and travel costs along with it so this can help companies.
NHS only use strategies as making cut backs as this reduces there outgoings and costs which can help them keep going however, it is government run so they don’t run it for profitable reasons therefore it doesn’t really matter if it’s in a recession period.

Brand building and positioning
Branding can be defined as creating a unique name and image/symbol that can be linked to a company or be identified as a specific company via the consumers memory through vigorous adverts or theme songs.

Branding is important to Virgin because they want to be recognized...

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