Business And Decision Making Essay

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Thinking and Decision-making Paper
John Jones
MGT 300
October 11, 2010
Professor Tim Duncan

Thinking and Decision-making Paper
The world consists of various types of thinking styles, which affect how people make a decision. In considering these thinking styles, it is imperative that a person considers the correct style to implement in making the best decision. After much contemplation, this decision is not biased, as the person thinks out of the box or looks at situations differently and considers all available options for his final resolution. Of many thinking styles, ...view middle of the document...

126). For example, a personal saying in my family is not only to take the br in breakfast and the unch in lunch to make brunch, but we also use the l in lunch and the upper in the word supper to form lupper, which means late lunch or early supper.
Everyone is creative in their own way. To be an effective creative thinker means generating new ideas and opening one’s mind to greater possibilities and fresh ideas. Two of the methods that creative thinkers use to do this are brainstorming and starbursting. Brainstorming lets a person’s mind open up to new thoughts and allows his or her mind to build upon those first thoughts with even newer thoughts. On the other hand, starbursting focuses more on one issue and asks questions to broaden the range of solutions, as no question is incorrect. In essence, all the questions build upon themselves to find the correct conclusion.
Second, logical thinking can break down riddles, as one uses reasoning to solve it.
According to Audiblox (n.d.), “Logical thinking is the process in which one uses reasoning consistently to come to a conclusion. Problems or situations that involve logical thinking call for structure, for relationships between facts, and for chains of reasoning that “make sense” (Logical thinking: A learned mental process, para. 2). Furthermore, people use logical thinking everyday in many ways such as for problem-solving issues at work, compiling a grocery list, or planning the shortest distance and most time saving route to use when running errands. Children also must use logic in school to complete mathematical equations, allowing them to be smart thinkers by using reasoning and logical steps to get to a solid conclusion.
Finally, according to Mosley (2009), “Simple to define, difficult to do, persuasion means influencing someone to accept our message. To persuade well is a demanding and delicate art. We must understand human nature, control our emotions, and think carefully; and we must be aware of the time, the place, our involvement, the message, the receivers, and their values” (Persuasive thinking, para. 1). For example, a salesman selling a product uses persuasive thinking skills to entice a customer to buy that product and a motivational speaker uses persuasion to get the audience to believe his or her message. Additionally, when making a speech or selling a product, one should analyze his or her audience, their demographics, beliefs, and values before speaking to them. Perhaps, the persuader may choose to adjust their speech or pitch to meet the audience’s needs, which will produce better results, too.
The second issue of relevance is to compare and contrast the three different types of thinking. The three types of critical thinking used in this paper all have a similar objectives and that is to make a decision or solve a problem. The goal of each technique though vastly different styles, are used in conjunction with each other. Human beings,...

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