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Business 240 Online Tests Essay

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Business 240 Online – Business Law
Test Chapter 1
1.) The South Carolina Supreme Court decides the case of Toy Co. v. Umbrella Corp. The court issues an opinion that does not indicate which justice authored it. This opinion is

a. a concurring opinion. | |
b. a dissenting opinion. | |
c. a per curiam opinion. | |
d. an en banc decision. |
2.) Leona enters into a contract with Munchie Bakery to cater a sales conference. When the conference is postponed indefinitely, Leona asks a court to cancel the contract. This request involves

a. a type of harm. | |
b. an equitable remedy. | |
c. an unenforceable demand. | |
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Sixty of the workers block the entrances to one of MaxiMart's stores. To get them away from the doors, MaxiMart should seek

a. an injunction. | |
b. a clause of free exercise. | |
c. an order of due process. | |
d. a decree of specific performance. | |
| |
7.) Julius is a judge. How the Julius and the judges in other courts interpret a particular statute determines

a. how the common law should be codified. | |
b. nothing. | |
c. how the law needs to be changed. | |
d. how that statute will be applied. | |
| |
8.) Eliza is a state court judge. Flora appears in a case in Eliza's court, claiming that Glover breached a contract. As in most state courts, Eliza may

a. award damages only. | |
b. cancel the contract only. | |
c. award damages or cancel the contract. | |
d. neither award damages nor cancel the contract. |
9.) To Serena, the written law of a particular society at a particular time is most significant. Serena is

a. a legal positivist. | |
b. a legal realist. | |
c. a legal rationalist. | |
d. a person who adheres to the natural law tradition. |
10.) Jill is an appellate court judge. In this capacity, Jill establishes a rule of law. Under the doctrine of stare decisis, the principle must be adhered to by

a. courts of lower rank only. | |
b. that court only. | |
c. all courts. | |
d. that court and courts of lower rank. | |


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