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Business Essay

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Hong Kong Community College CC3305 Engineering Management Assignment One

Expected Learning Outcomes: • • • Understand the basic principles and techniques involved in management of people and engineering activities in the process of product design as well as the production of goods and services. Appraise and analyze issues relating to engineering management and professional ethics. Apply basic management skills in their professional career.

Case Study:

No single cause for cable car’s litany of faults
The latest suspension of Lantau’s cable car service on Wednesday came after a fourth technical fault in two months, but according to the operator the faults were all in different parts ...view middle of the document...

“Metal parts could get worn out because of heavy loads or high windspeeds over long periods, while cold weather caused metal to contract and could lead to damage,” Lo said. The cable car at Ocean Park has had fewer glitches over the years, but Lo said it was a different system, with a shorter route and half the parts of the Lantau one. Ngong Ping 360 Managing Director Wilson Shao said the incident was not related to a surge in passengers during Lunar New Year. Page 1 of 3 Sem 2 2011/12

Professor Soh Ai-kah from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Hong Kong said the city’s climate should not be a problem for cable cars as the temperature range was small.
(Extracted from South China Morning Post by Lo Wei and Amy Nip on Jan 27, 2012.)

Case Questions: 1. State the managerial role that Mr. Frank Chan-fan has performed. Suggest another TWO roles that Mr. Frank Chan-fan will perform to deal with the cable car’s litany of faults. Justify your answer. To keep the cable cars in operations, which types of plans you should use to eliminate the cable cars litany of faults with considering the breadth, time frame, specificity, and frequency of use, individually? Give reason to support your answer. If the top management now sets the organisation goal as “Minimize service disruptions in the future”, establish the objectives in 8 key areas so as to accomplish the goal. If Ngong Ping 360 decides to suspend the cable cars service for 2 months maintenance, determine this is a routine or non-routine decision under certainty or risk or uncertainty. Justify your answer.




Instructions: • • • • It is an individual assignment. Plagiarism will be penalized severely. Marks will be deducted for assignments that are plagiarized in whole or in part, regardless of the sources. You are required to answer ALL case questions from the “Case Questions” Section. Your answers must be typed, 12 pt, Times New Roman, within 2 pages of A4 size paper.

Submission Deadline: • • • Week 6, 7-Mar-2012 (Wednesday) at 6:30pm. Submit a printed copy of the answers to Dr. Raymond Wong’s pigeon box at 16/F., No. 200 or HHB-1658. Late submission is liable to a penalty of 10% of the available marks for each day late; Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are counted.

Page 2 of 3 Sem 2 2011/12

Grade Description for Assignment...

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