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Make sure that your name, assignment number, page numbers and bibliography are included.
Make sure that your name, assignment number, page numbers and bibliography are included.

Assignment 1 - Helpsheet

Title: Assignment 1 - Marketing Techniques

Part 1


You need to write a report introducing how John Lewis and Pent Valley Technology College conduct their marketing:
* Describe what is meant by marketing and what products/services both businesses need to market.
* Briefly describe the aims of both businesses – make sure you use comment on whether they are private sector aims (survival, growth) or public/ voluntary sector aims (service provision, growth of range of provision, cost limitation, meeting quality standards)
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For ONE of your businesses, evaluate how effective you think their use of marketing techniques has been. Justify your answer with reference to the role of marketing in helping the business meet its overall aims and objectives. You must demonstrate research and the ability to use data (validity/reliability). (D1)

Part 2


For ONE of your businesses, write a report that describes the limitations and constraints of marketing (P2). You should include the following:

* legal constraints – describe the 5 laws and give an example of how it could affect a product in your chosen business
* Sale of Goods Act 1979,
* The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008
* Consumer Credit Acts 1974 and 2006
* Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations
* Data Protection Act 1998
* voluntary constraints – describe the 2 voluntary bodies and give an example of how it could affect a product in your chosen business
* Code of Advertising Practice
* Advertising Standards Authority
* pressure groups and consumerism – describe the meaning of these terms and give an example of how they could affect the business
* acceptable language – describe the meaning of this in terms of marketing and give an example

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