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Busines Management Essay

519 words - 3 pages

BITS/CM/HHSM ZC471 Management Information Systems
Syllabus: Post Mid-Sem Portion
EC-1 Assignment – Part 2: Case Study: FedEx & IT
(Max Marks: 7) Last Date: 28/10/13
Important Note:
1. Assignment is individual. NOT a group assignment.
2. Copying cases will be awarded zero marks
3. Adhere to words limit set by instructor.
4. Do not wait for the last day to upload your document when the traffic would be peak resulting in problems in uploading and delay.
5. Late submission of assignments will attract zero marks.

Case background in brief
FedEx Corporation, known worldwide, provides customers (individuals and businesses) with a portfolio of transportation & logistics, e-commerce and business services. With annual revenues of ...view middle of the document...

5 million package tracking requests daily and more than 20 million labels generated via FedEx Ship Manager monthly.

Some of the recent achievements/awards are:
* FORTUNE Magazine: No. 10 among “World’s Most Admired Companies” (2013) and “100 Best Places to Work For” (2013)
* Reputation Institute: No. 12 among "America's Most Reputable Companies" (2013)
* Bloomberg BusinessWeek Magazine: No. 12 among “The Civic 50” listing of America’s Most Community-Minded Companies (2012)
* Black Enterprise Magazine: Top 40 “Best Companies for Diversity” (2012)

Visit the FedEx’s \
Web site to learn more about the organization with a focus on Information Technologies deployed in the organization. Also, visit FedEx’s partners’ web sites (both business partners and technology partners) to gather more information about FedEx and its collaboration activities. Read white papers, research articles on FedEx, collect information and find answers to following questions, summarize them in a document (word/pdf document) and upload the same before the deadline: 28/10/13.

Q1. What are the strategic objectives of FedEx Corporation? How IT-Strategic alignment was achieved? Explain with examples & ITs used (150 words - 1 Mark)

grow core package business,
grow supply chain capabilities, and
grow through new services and alliances

Q2. What are the major IT initiatives undertaken in FedEx. List all initiatives and explain at least one IT initiatives, in detail (150 words – 1 Mark)
Q3. What are all CSR (& green) initiatives undertaken by FedEx? Explain
(200 words – 1 Mark)
Q4. Summarize the case under following headings: (500 words - excluding list of references - 4 Marks)
1. Role of IT in FedEx Corp.
2. FedEx and its business partners
3. FedEx and its technology partners
4. Results achieved by use of IT and IT-Strategy alignment
5. Complete set of references (including web site references)

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