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Bus101 Introduction To Marketing And Communications

1993 words - 8 pages

BUS101 Introduction to marketing and Communications (MID-TERM ASSIGNMENT)

General Instructions
Your first formal assessment is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of the material from the marketing management part of the module (up to and including communication).
The task requires you to address a short fictional case.

In addressing the assignment topic you must draw explicitly on the chapters and articles noted on QMPlus. You do not need to do reading beyond the module reading list and you should not do any research into the industry, market, product, etc (just make any assumptions clear).

Assignment Brief and Backstory
You have been lucky enough to secure ...view middle of the document...

The proposed project requires you to help MBC evaluate the market for bionic limbs (starting with legs), made using technology stolen from a medical charity by MBC’s industrial espionage division. The idea of the MBC CEO is to sell these the legs as body modification to healthy people who fancy super-powers (potential and practicing villains are noted as a possible market segment). No further details or market data is provided.

You are distressed at finding yourself in this difficult position. You want to fulfil your contractual obligations to ODC, receive a good reference and contribute to ODC’s worthy activities but you cannot face the idea of developing a plan for a market offering so antithetical to your good conscience and firm belief that business should work in society’s interest.

Help is at hand though, you make an appointment to see your old marketing tutor for excellent and confidential advice (though never on matters of fashion).

You work through the options: resigning leaves you with no reference and no hope of working on the worthy projects at ODC, whistleblowing is not an option because of insufficient evidence. A full marketing plan to help the nefarious firm is out of the question of moral reasons and the lack of relevant market data. A compromise is possible however.

Instead of a marketing plan for the proposed business you will step MBC through a good process for analysing any market and used bionic limbs as an example. Your hope is that by teaching MBC how to do good basic marketing management they will see there are lots of other viable, potentially profitable and socially responsible business avenues.

Working with your marketing tutor you devised the following plan of action. You will introduce MBC to:
1) analysis of the marketing environment and the macro environment factors with illustrations of factors that might affect their business idea;
2) basic buyer behaviour models and the way consumers might make decisions about purchasing bionic legs (motivations, etc);
3) the requirements of well defined market segments.
4) the need to position the product for each target market segment by manipulating the variables of the marketing mix (product, price, distribution and communication).

A sustained counter example might be useful to illustrate your understanding of the marketing management concepts you have studied.

Assessment criterial
The assignments will be graded on the following criteria:
1) Does the answer demonstrate general understanding of the marketing topics from the first part of the module (i.e., assigned chapters and articles, lecture and seminar material up to and including communications)?
2) Does the answer demonstrate an ability to apply that general understanding to a specific case?
3) Does the answer demonstrate critical engagement with the general ideas (i.e., linking between topics, augmenting textbook concepts with those from the journal articles, etc)?

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