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Bus 521 Delta Plastics Inc Essay

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Running Head: Delta Plastics, Inc. (B)

Delta Plastics, Inc.

Dr. Kyle Peacock

Operations Management: BUS 515
November 12, 2011

The control chart helps in detecting and understanding presence of special causes of variation. In order to deal and tackle defects in the products and to make quality products available to the consumers, the control chart for product so prepared by standard material and for product prepared by super plastic would help in understanding the areas to be focused and controlled.
The 3-sigma control chart prepared for the standard material clearly gives the reflection of the process that can be controlled. There control chart depicts two major ...view middle of the document...

The process of manufacturing of products is affected by various factors. These factors thus have a bearing on the quality of products. The process of planning, monitoring and controlling of the manufacturing process is a continuous and cyclic process. Thus, the process can be controlled and improved by carrying with the research and development. The control chart serves an efficient tool for continuous improvement of the process by analyzing the various factors affecting process of production. Thus, it is imperative to provide information which can be used to frame an action plan for reducing variations in the process resulting in production of standard quality products.
The Delta Plastics Inc. has planned to use new raw material for the production process. This results in replacement of standard material by super plastic. The company plans to do it by taking into consideration superior qualities of the super plastic as it is resistant to breakage and chipping. By using the three sigma control process the company came to know that the products manufactured using new material are showing higher percentage of defects as compared to those in which standard material has been used as raw material.
Thus, in order to manufacture quality products the company is required to focus more towards controlling and improving the process of manufacturing which uses super plastic as the raw material. For this, the research and development department has to work towards generating better understanding of the usage of new raw material and its production process. Hence, it can be said that by making efforts aimed at controlling the defects and at improving the process, the super plastic made product can prove to be a great opportunity for the company to cater to the market needs by providing better quality products and in turn capturing higher market share.
The use of the super...

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