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Bus 501 Week 3 Assignment 1

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Independent Government Cost Estimates and the Statement of Work
Business 501 – Government Acquisition

Evaluate the importance of the IGCE.

Independent Government Cost Estimates is always a very important part of successful implementation and execution of effective acquisition programs both in the private as well as the Government sector. A cost estimate is a future projection of the values of goods and services and a forecast of the economics of these goods and services that are to be delivered in the future. Independent Government Cost Estimate is an economic projection for Government that provides with the detailed estimate of the costs of services and supplies. This estimation ...view middle of the document...

((NSCEP), 1994)

Examine the reasons for confidentiality of the IGCE. Propose two (2) actions that should be taken in order to maintain the confidentiality of the IGCE.

The confidentiality of ICGE is very important as it provides a standard cost estimation and it must not be declared public before examining the quotations from different other contractors and suppliers. The basic purpose of an IGCE is to serve as a foundation for reserving monetary resources for the contract and hence it is kept confidential until all the monetary resources are made public by the contractors. It also acts a tool to compare costs offered by different contracts on the same projects so the information must be kept confidential until all the contractors have submitted the acquisitions regarding the project. The information is also kept confidential as it is a tool of determining price reasonableness if only one vendor responds to the project solicitation.
Two actions that the IGCE should take in order to maintain confidentiality are they could use some form of encryption if they have to display information on public sites, this way only certain officers of the IGCE would be able to see the information. They should also develop system to dispose of contract submissions once the contract award recipient has been determined.

Detailed Cost Estimate

Independent Government Cost Estimation for Two Million Dollar Procurement
Project Title Radar and Camera Equipped for 52 Towers
Project Manager
Period of Performance
January 2016
January 2026
Description of Cost Elements
Direct Labor
Estimated Hours
Rate per Hour
Estimated Cost
Total Estimated Cost
Worker Chief
1,000 x
$ 25

Worker Manager
2,000 x
$ 12.5

Worker A
25,00 x
$ 10

Worker B
5,000 x
$ 5

Total Direct Labor Cost

$ 100,000
Total Labor
Estimated Cost
Total Estimated Cost

150 percent
Material Services
Estimated Cost
Total Estimated Cost

Information Technology Support
Estimated Cost
Total Estimated Cost
Training for Camera Operators
PCs = $12/hour x 1320 Hours
Mainframe = 57 per hour x 330 hours
Software= 20 programs x 350 each
$ 41,650
Subcontractor and Consultants
Estimated Cost
Total Estimated Cost
Delivery Services
Materials and Supplies

$ 2,080
$ 100,000
$ 32,500
$ 1,200

$ 135,780
Type Name and Title

Office Division and Branch

Evaluate the types of statements of work in regard to compatibility with this contract.

Statement of work is a complex and confidential document that contains the record of the work activities, the deliverables of the project, milestone and the timeline that a contractor must follow regarding accomplishing a particular project for any client. Statement of Work includes a number of different elements such as requirements of the project,...

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