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Bus 499 Mod 1 Case Essay

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TUI University
BUS 499
BSBA Integrative Project
Module One
Case Assignment
Core Professor: Dr. Roberto Coto
26 June 2011
Hyde Park Electronics
Hyde Park Electronics focused on the customer perspectives of customer request for delivery and customer pricing. Lewis and his team wanted to know how efficient they were in meeting the customer request for delivery of product. Metrics created to monitor delivery were: same-day delivery, delivery within five days, and ontime delivery. On-time delivery increased from 89 percent a year ago to a current rate of 96 percent. (Gumbus and Lussier, 2006)

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These dimensions are the traditional four from the Kaplan-Norton model (financial, customer, internal, and innovation and learning), plus a fifth dimension of "core values" .In the customer dimension, a mission critical metric is percent shipments within specification, loading cycle time, and customer service. In this area, operations management (OM) shipments chemical specifications percent within specification has risen steadily from 70 percent in 1995 to 99.86 percent in 2002. (Gumbus and Lussier, 2006)

Customer Centric pertains to a company placing the wants and needs of the customer as the central focus of all business practices within the firm. Seeing your business through the “eyes of the customer.” (Mcgarahan)

Hyde Park Electronics

The measures taken by this company can definitely be defined as customer centric. The management team felt that the measures of customer satisfaction are increased sales and increased income that would result from product acceptance and the generation of repeat customers. Other key customer metrics that drive customer satisfaction are related to product shipment and whether the customer gets the product on the date they requested. (Gumbus and Lussier, 2006). All of the steps taken were done from the perspective of the customer with the best interest of the customer always remining a priority. Hydde Park Electronics leadership fely that by addressing the customer concerns in the areas of shipping and pricing, they would be able to maintain their current customer base as well as widen their customer based through the recommendations of current customers.
Futura Industries

The measures taken by Futura Industries are not customer centric. I believe that they try to apply a philosophy that enables their employees to become more efficient and better developed, in hopes of that leading to better customer satisfaction. In 1995, Susan Johnson was recruited to run Futura based on her philosophy of putting the employee first. She is committed to the belief that employees make the difference in the marketplace, and Johnson walks the talk when it comes to employee work life initiatives. Futura has three main measures in the learning and growth that are linked to employee retention and development. First, turnover is measured in the following two ways: (1) one year plus turnover, and (2) total company turnover. Employee satisfaction is measured by the annual Leadership Review, which asks employees to evaluate their manager, employees have a face-to-face meeting with HR representatives and are asked a series of questions about the company. The third metric refers to average certification levels-a job wage skill classification attained by additional training and job skills. (Gumbus and Lussier, 2006).

SGC demonstrated a need to evaluate their company as a whole. The measures taken by them are not customer centric at all and are more geared towards the Internal Process Perspective...

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