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Bus 3040 International Hr Essay

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It is evident that in today’s economy, globalization has affected every facet of the way businesses are run and the way customs view companies. This is also true of HRM and IHRM. We have seen that businesses that usually operated in a monolithic culture and environment are now finding their markets, suppliers and customers from all over the globe. Some of them even outsource their HR functions to other countries.
For this discussion, I chose a country I had visited a few years ago, United Arab Emirates - U.A.E. In UAE, status is important and must be recognized by using the correct title when addressing someone. Their custom is to use Sheikh meaning Chief, or Sheikha for a woman. In this part of the world, people are addressed generally by ...view middle of the document...

Holding hands among men is common and does not carry the same connotations as it does in the U.S.
Many people in the Middle East claim a more modest area of personal space than is usual in the U.S. Accordingly, it could seem rude for an individual to step away when another individual is stepping closer.
Doing business in the Middle East, revolves much more around personal relationships, family ties, trust and honor. Business relationships are therefore built on mutual friendship and trust. The initial meetings are about relationship-building, trust and establishing compatibility. The working week generally is Sunday through Thursday. Attitudes to time are more relaxed than in the U.S., therefore it would not be unusual to be kept waiting. Meetings are almost always accompanied by coffee and pastries. In fact, hospitality is held in high regard throughout the Middle East. They take a lot of pride in lavish shows of hospitality. Refusing is offensive.
Business meetings can be chaotic. One is expected to exercise patience as cell phone calls, emails or text messages are taken during meetings. Sometimes people may enter the meeting room unannounced and proceed to discuss their own agenda. Communication is with a vocal emphasis, volume and body language which one might associate with being angry or upset.
Business etiquette in the U.S. may be seen as less formal than other countries. Handshaking is a popular tradition among professionals. A handshake is usually firm and at least lasts between 3-5 seconds. Greetings are also exchanged during the handshake along with personal introductions. Both men and women are expected to shake hands upon meeting. Shaking hands is also a gesture that symbolizes the end of a meeting or a mutual agreement.


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