Bus 174" And "City Of God

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The city of god, was a fictionalized version of several true stories the plot. The film revolves around following the lives of two characters, Rocket and Li’l Dice, from their childhood, under authority of the previous generation, until the generation following them takes the reigns of power.  It’s a storytelling method that prioritizes powerful and compelling characters with the explicit purpose of illuminating the world of Rio de Janeiro, a place where that generational spread occurs in only twenty years, violence dictates success, and success represents a spiraling downward of the city.

In this world, poverty is implicit.  The people have only a few viable career options (work low ...view middle of the document...

 Even then, he becomes employed as a photographer only because of the pain and disillusionment he has access to photographing as a local from the City of God.  Even Rocket, the most altruistic and peace-loving character in the film, works for the violence.

In Rio de Janeiro, people can’t buy what they want.  They can’t have the careers that they want.  Education is a scarce and typically unwanted resource.  Electricity is not guaranteed; even nice clothes have to be traded for, or otherwise acquired from outside the city.  Ethics are not taught except through the church, which is voluntary.  There is no support structure to aid the children affected by violence and crime, so the problems exist as an expansionary cycle.  Evil, tyrants win until they’re overthrown by other tyrants while all heroes are killed after a painful, long and futile fight.  The largest industry is illegal narcotics trade.  Gangs outgun the police and run both the city’s crime and its services; order exists only insofar as the gangs allow it to, and dismantling the drug trade means allowing anarchy into the city.  There is no ebay.com, and there are no Puerto Rico vacations; in the City of God, there is only struggle.

“City of God” was a fictionalized version of several true stories that depicted the slums outside Rio de Janeiro as a whirling nightmare of gangs and drug dealers. “Bus 174” is a documentary about the actions of one of those lost boys, who on June 12, 2000, engaged police in a day-long standoff after he took a bus hostage. The entire incident was broadcast on live TV, becoming a shocking portrait of violence and police...

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