"Burger Off" Case Study

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Summary of ‘burger off’
What is this text about? What is the main issue or problem raised in this text?
The news detailed report how local citizens in Tecoma protest against McDonald when McDonald decided to build an outlet in their town in 2012.
This issue is mainly about the duties and rights of McDonald and citizens in Tecoma. Both of them think they were doing right things.As for McDonald they hold the view that a new McDonald outlet can provide job opportunities to local citizens and stimulate development of local economic.They have the right to use and enjoyment of their own land.
But on the other hand,the opponents insist that the reason for living there is to get away ...view middle of the document...

What is the main conclusion of this text? What recommendations (if any) are offered?
The case is descriptive rather than argumentative, so neither a conclusion nor a recommendation are explicitly stated by the author.From my point of view, McDonald should request more meetings to communicate with local residents.And promise that McDonald would not ruin the environment and would not advertise target to children.And as for opponents should clam down and try to use a harmonious way to deal with this issue instead of harassing and intimidating McDonald’s employees.
Do not do to others what you would not want others do to you.

What are the strengths (if any) of the argument(s) presented in this text? What are its weaknesses (if any)? Briefly state the reasons behind your evaluation.
possible strengths:
The article specifically describe the development of the McDonald issue,and also mentioned some other McDonald community oppositions for us to learn more.
possible weakness:
A comparative lack of information about McDonald’s opinion on this issue. And this article didn’t mention about the outlet’s business condition during the opponents’ two year demolition.If as the survey claimed that 88.2 per cent of residents are against the development. So with the constantly disturb of opponents, how could McDonald operate this outlet without fanatical loss? The article gives reader s a big question about this issue, which I think is the possible weakness of this text.
How has this text contributed to your understanding of business ethics? State up to three most important things you...

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