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Bureau Of Fire Protection Essay

4190 words - 17 pages

National College of Public Administration and Governance
Diliman, Quezon City


A proposal submitted in partial fulfillment
of the requirements for PA 199.2

Nheo Cervantes
Geofel Soriano

Vicente Mariano

September 27, 2011

I. Introduction
Fires are one of the few calamities of which we can prevent. Besides the efforts of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), and the passing of the Revised Fire Code or RA 9514 in 2008, fires are still one of the leading man-made disasters in the Philippines. In 2011, there had already been several fires ...view middle of the document...

III. Review of Related Literature
Fire Prevention
Republic Act No. 9514 or the Revised Fired Code of 2008 mandates that all Fire Code fee collection will be deposited directly to the Bureau of Fire Protection’s (BFP) account and 80% of these fees will be spent to modernize their equipment. The new Fire Code also contains provisions of administrative sanctions that can be given to BFP personnel who are not properly implementing their jobs (Dollente, 2011).
“Fire” is defined as a “rapid burning of a combustible material with the evolution of heat and usually accompanied by flame, and is used by human beings. Uncontrolled fire remains to be one of the major causes of death and property damage in today’s society. Fires do happen on a frequent basis in industry and other arenas” (Schneid, 2000:9). Schneid talks mainly on preparedness when these incidents happen and some strategies about other disasters as well.
March is the Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines. The BFP announced several fire safety precautions to help manage fires. Despite these precautions, the BFP stated that most establishments, notably in Baguio City, are fire safety violators. In relation to this, there have been a series of fires here in Metro Manila, notable of which was the fire that engulfed the houses in Agham Road last February (Dar, 2011). The problem of fire during these months seems to occur every year.
Administrative Actions
“Disaster Risk Management (DRM)” is the “process of guiding and directing people, local communities and concerned government, non-government and private organizations towards avoidance of exposure to hazards and minimization of getting vulnerable to disasters” (Cabrido, 2008). There are five strategies or actions covering DRM, namely: prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and rehabilitation. All strategies and measures involved in this framework promote efforts and responses from all involved players for an effective and efficient disaster management system.
The following are some measures that need to be taken by the government or the BFP in order to address Disaster Risk Management, specifically during the response phase (Cabrido, 2008):
* Establishing and operating incident command system.
* Providing health services and temporary shelter.
* Providing relief goods (food, water, medicines and other material needs of affected families).
* Undertaking search and rescue operations.
* Assessing damages and analyzing needs of affected communities.
A framework that will help get DRM into motion is by guiding it through policy- and decision-making processes, and planning and program implementation in the government. An example of this which we would be using in our study is RA 9514. As it is “the policy of the State to ensure public safety and promote economic development through the prevention and suppression of all kinds of destructive fires” (Section 2, RA 9514), the focus of our study will be...

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