Burberry Case Study

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1- Overall Context

The year 2014 has been a huge turning point for Burberry with Angela Ahrendts leaving the company and with Christopher Bailey taking over major roles as the Chief Creative and at the same time the new CEO of the company. As the annual revenue grows more as a result of a stronger Burberry under the undeniable leadership of past and current CEO’s Rose Marie Bravo, Angela Ahrendts and Christopher Bailey, the company is moving upward as it embraces the innovations and new challenges of the current times. Burberry still revolves around its values and identity of keeping the brand unified, strengthening its origin and history, emphasizing on ...view middle of the document...

The new store reflects the runways of Burberry, providing more information about the products and services and most of all bringing a whole new level of customer shopping experience for Burberry’s consumers. Lastly, the strengthened Burberry also made sure that as high as the quality of the products and as innovative as their new concept in architecture, the brand’s creative media is stronger than ever. Burberry’s attack on Creative media is highly visual, technology driven and very interactive as the brand strengthens its reach to its consumers around the world. Through Burberry’s various social media platforms and a highly informative website known as the “Burberry World” which also serve as an e-commerce for the brand, the company is able to connect not only to its consumers but also to their employees as their creative social media platforms reflects the image delivered by Burberry. Through the constant efforts of strengthening the brand, Burberry stands firm as it faces the challenges of modernity, strengthening its market, satisfying the new change of leadership from Ahdrendts to Bailey, as well as internal and external changes surrounding the brand.

2- Questions

A. Main changes that Ahrendts brought were:

- Unify Burberry’s identity and image by cutting down too much licences, creating one culture, direction, brand image in different countries.
- Concentration of production in UK to strengthen history, origin and legacy as a true British brand which also strengthened the positioning of the brand.
- Give importance to the core products of Burberry such as the trench coat, which the goal of producing a constant collection, inventory as well as style and cut assortment to fit the needs of different countries while still maintaining the focus on the consistency of its core products distributed in stored across the globe.

- The current internal organization changed from seven to two executive officers for the entire world. This change allows Ahrendts to have better transitions and disseminate information clearly.
- Young generations have more responsibilities because the CEO understood that young people will create and manage the brand in the future, and they could propose innovative and original ideas for the good of the brand. To boost them, Burberry put in place “a strategic innovation council” that allowed employees to have crazy ideas and generate new concepts. CEO and Bailey also organized a strategic executive council, and “Icon Award” to motivate employees and recognize their contributions.
- Creation of a Creative media team to manage, have the power on all Burberry’s actions of the brand and transmit appropriate values and culture on Online and Offline (events, social media, advertising…). This new team is a capital gain for the company because it reflects the “British-Style” that the CEO wants to promote. Employees were trained on how interact with...

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