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Bullying. Why Do People Bully? Essay

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According to Bullying Statistics, bullying is the most common type of violence in the United States society (Why Do People Bully). In a survey done by The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, samples of 15,000 students from the grades 6 through 10 were surveyed about bullying. The study result yielded that about 1.7 million students in these grades admitted to bullying their classmates. This would be equivalent to 1 in every 5 students admitting to bullying (Cole, Cornell and Sheras). Bullying is a common type of violence and can be caused by a number of different things. In the book Nineteen Minutes by Jody Picoult, bullying was caused because the child was ...view middle of the document...

This can also be known as the talionic response that is described in the Bible. A husband may abuse his wife. The wife will abuse one of the older children, and then the older child will abuse the younger sibling. This would be the “vortex of violence.”
A bully may have poor social skills and may not be able to manage their anger. They do not have empathy for others and have not learned that one should not use violence to solve problems. A bully will deny responsibility for their behavior and they may not recognize the effect that their actions have on others. The kids who bullied Peter did not have poor social skills, they were popular and outspoken (Picoult). They did however feel that their bullying was just their way of having fun. The kids did not recognize this behavior of bullying as being harmful and hurtful.
Since Peter was weak, he made a good victim for the bullies (Picoult). Weaker people will not fight back. The bully may pick a target that also has poor social skills. The victim may be insecure, unpopular and have a hard time adapting to their social environment. These kids or even adults, make good targets for bullies.
Bullying can happen everywhere. It can happen in classrooms, at home, on the playground, online and at work. This behavior can happen anywhere that there is a lack of supervision. Technology has made it even easier than ever to bully. One of the ways Peter was bullied was when Josie’s friend sent out a personal email from Peter to Josie (Picoult). This email was sent to most of the kids in the high school and told of Peter’s feelings for Josie. It is very easy to anonymously target victims online through a “connected community (Gehret and Yerger). There is more of a chance for bullying to occur in places where there are no standards on how people should be treated.
Adults can also be victims of bullying. When you think of bullying you may think of children. Adults can be bullied at work by coworkers and managers. This can create disenchantment, demoralization, demotivation, disaffection, and alienation (Why Do People Bully).
Bullies do not think their behavior is bullying. To them it can be just a joke and meant to be funny. Unfortunately that is not the case, because bullying not only affects the victim, but affects those around them. Others may be worried that they will be the next target. They also may feel guilty that they watched and did not help. Josie in Nineteen Minutes is a good example of this (Picoult). She felt bad for the way her friends treated Peter, but she was afraid to be the next victim if she stood up for him. Emotionally Josie could not handle it.
You often wonder if these children where taught right from wrong at an early age. If a child is not taught about consequences, there is more of a likely hood for that child to become a bully. Children need to be taught that if they do good things, there are good consequences, and if they do bad...

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