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Bullying Article Analysis

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The Age has recently released forums in an attempt to expose the public’s thoughts of the serious issue of bullying in the Australian schools. Among all the other editorials, Henrietta Cook wrote her opinionated piece publish on the 22nd May 2016. In her editorial Cook presents Melissa Anderson ’s views about kids who get bullied at school and the responses of individuals. She states with a cold-hearted and attacking tone that its about time for children who are bullied to “stop playing the victim”. In her article she doesn't make clear if she agrees with Anderson but she uses many language devices throughout her article, to make the reader think and make the final decision without getting ...view middle of the document...

This editorial piece includes a large picture of a young man’s body. The boy is placed in the corner of a wall demonstrating that he is lost and feels lonely. He is perhaps in his late teens. The picture is in bright bold colours, black and white. It represents the feelings and emotions he feels. Sadness, looniness, depressed or even scared. The photo is taken from an angle which in turn makes it look more realistic. The photo emphasises on the teenager’s hands to highlight for one more time that the boy feels alone and scared to fight back the bullies. He feels like he cant trust anyone and by not showing his face it makes the reader even more sure that the boy is in tears. This visual device makes the reader feel very upset towards the unawareness bullies and the problems they cause. It also makes them sympathise the victims and feel sad how the don't have the emotional strength to stand up for themselves.

One of the final and most effective language devices is the use of inclusive language and anecdotal evidence. By doing this she encourages the reader to feel that they are on the same side as her and the majority of public opinion. On the other side the use of anecdotal evidence suggests she has some special insight in this area to add further weight to her argument. With an...

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