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The safety of all schools is affected when bullying and violence is present. The schools need to eliminate the tension that victims feel in their surroundings and learning environment. If this is not accomplished, than the victim will have intense fear and desperation.

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” Students were asked what they thought the reasons might be for being bullied. The list was very long. The list included race, the way someone talked, how tall or short, heavy or skinny, and even if the student was too quiet. (Farrington,1993).
The third reason bullying and violence is unacceptable is it can lead to mental and physical disorders. The victim can have difficulty coping with everything. The victim can be very depressed, feeling unloved, and lonely. As a result, the victim is affected by a lack of self –confidence and insecurities. The victim will have a harder time maintaining long-term relationships in life.

The victims in school do not deserve this abuse. It is unacceptable. It starts at home. Parents need to educate their children on the harmful effects of bullying. They also need to educate their children on what to do incase bullying and violence happens. No child needs to feel like no one cares. The children that are being bullied desperately want to be loved and accepted. Is that too much to ask?
The administrators in the schools need to take a hard look at the way they handle bullying and violence. The victim needs to know that his or her voice is being heard. There needs to be a zero tolerance policy for bullying in all schools. The punishments need to be swift and quick. The bullies would realize that it just isn’t worth it.
Every parent needs to take responsibility and ownership in how they raise their children. The parent must figure out how to transform themselves and the environment that is offered to the children. The parents must insist that the schools offer more anti bullying education to all students at an early age. The children need to understand the severity of bullying. The teachers must take each abuse case seriously. All it takes is for one teacher to ignore the abuse of a student, and that teacher will have failed.
Do not give up on the children. They do not need to be afraid to go to school because of the bullying and violence. What they do need is simple, just to...

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