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Phoebe Prince, died aged 15… Ryan Haligan, died aged 13... Megan Meier, died aged 13… Tyler Clementi, died aged 18... Jessica Evans, Died aged 14… These five teenagers come from completely different areas of the world, different families, different cultures, different backgrounds, but all share two things in common. 1. They were all bullied. 2. They all committed suicide from being unable to cope. Bullying is one of the leading self-esteem crushers in the 21st century. A survey printed in the Herald Sun states that 70% of students surveyed believe bullying is a moderate to serious problem in there school. Why is this happening?

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“ I had eight friends” he began.
“They ditched me after the first year” after fighting back the tears which have been building up for years he managed to whisper out “I was all alone.” Those simple four words. So small, yet so powerful. As they played the video of the group attack we witness how he was approached suddenly, cornered so he had no escape.
With the availability of modern technology, this fight was easily caught on camera. The bully, 12 year old Ritchard Gale laid punches straight into Casey. One to the face, three to the stomach, when finally Casey snapped. He picked Ritchard up, slammed him into the concrete. The sound of the 12 year olds ankle making contact with the wooden bench which showed the true anger behind Casey’s actions. Where does this leave your opinion?
Society doesn’t leave much room for opinions. Fighting back in society is seen as, to put it lightly, just as bad. Parent’s of bullied victim Casey praise him for fighting back, however Ritchard’s mother and father both believe it was outrageous the actions Casey took. Out of fear of Ritchard’s leg possibly breaking or him sustaining some kind of permanent injury. His mother praises Casey. If Ritchard had the guts and power to pick on a boy, four years older than him and twice his size, he needs to be able to expect retaliation of some sort. Many onlookers just stood, in shock. None of them thought it would be appropriate to stop the fight.

Children these days see fights, and merely attempt not to assist. Why you may ask? For fear of being sprung on. Many people just stand and witness, not attempting to help someone they know is clearly in trouble. We hear many stories of those who get hurt by trying to break up a fight. I recently heard of a friend who intervened at a party to stop her friend from hurting another kid, however she came off worse with a punch to the face and stomach she was hurt for trying to break up the fight which is why when fights, attacks or anything happen, society prefers to pretend they cannot see what is happening.
Many school policies also don’t allow for much difference to occur. Their policy would be detention or suspension for the bully and that’s it only for the bully to return and have retribution on the victim. Also the policies for phones, iPods and cameras...

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