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Bullfighting Essay

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Bullfighting a sport originated in Spain in the eight centuries. Chieftains and knights proved their enmity by challenging in a ring by killing bulls. A weird but still fascinating sport introduced in Mexico by early conquerors the Spaniards.
Today Mexico is the most bullfighting country in the world. The first bullfights were in the year 1526. But the development of this sport began in the year 1887 and today bullfighting is legal in Mexico (no law to animals’ protection act) which generated 500 bullrings and 12 bullfighting schools.
Known as Corrida de toros, it takes place in gigantic arena known ...view middle of the document...

The intent is to fight and to kill a bull with a sword. Bullfighters - the matador also branded as Toreros; wave their caps to urge the bull to charge and exhausting the animal causing it to lower its head. Then banderillas (short barded sticks) are planted on the body of the bull, escalating more fierce charges and weakening the animal.
To end with, the matador holds the muleta (small cloth) which hides a sword beneath for the lethal blow. After dominating the animal, the matador needs to move toward the animal from the front and killing it by thrusting his sword into the bull heart between its shoulders.

Bullfighter wears outfit called “Traje de Luces” (suit of lights) greatly embellished and very colourful. Clothing item includes jacket, pant, shirt, tie, belt and a “montera” (hat).
Besides, during bullfights tuneful phrase known as pasodoble is played (contains heroic melody). Air instruments are used to add melody such as saxophone, trumpet, guitar and drums.

Fighting bulls signify spirit and vigor. However, most Mexican considers it as a cruel spectacle of animal torment. Considered a blood sport and merciless act, bullfight has been forbidden several times.
Eventually, non-lethal bullfighting is now appearing in Francophone and Iberian countries. Development in bullfighting saved many lives, animals and even humans. Protest and Anti bull fighting exhibition still rage Mexico.

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