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Buisness Essay

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Developing Good Business Sense
Michele Rowley

The three companies I have chosen for my observation of employment processes are Panera Bread, Wendy’s, and McDonalds. These are all fast food restaurants although Panera Bread has been coined the upscale of fast food. I feel that their business components are similar and will compare these in order to find out how they work the same as well as how they differ. Working in the food industry, I find that it is in my interest to compare similar companies and to observe how these businesses relate in terms of task completion and business operations. I feel that ...view middle of the document...

McDonalds and Wendy’s have the name to sell the product, so I don’t feel that the employees have to work overly hard at achieving customer satisfaction. Panera Bread’s perspective is little different in the feel that pleasing the customer is more important in terms of associate interaction with the guests as well as the quality of the food they serve. While McDonalds and Wendy’s don’t focus on speed of service in production or steps of service at the cash register, Panera Bread’s standards are on the higher end of the spectrum with both of these items their goals and what they expect from their employees. All three restaurants are constantly striving to adapt with the economy and the way the business is run in terms of keeping up with competition and the times.
The main kinds of Operations and Materials Management Costs these companies have are plant costs, labor costs, and raw materials and components cost. The way that these companies avoid high plant costs is by being franchisees, which is cheaper to have their franchises invest capital and make the money needed to operate. Labor costs is another cost that these companies treat very seriously in terms of how much labor they are using with employees working...

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