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Building Your Knowledge Peak Essay

1328 words - 6 pages

"Building the Pyramid: Reaching Your Organization's Knowledge Peak"
Michael, Director – Learning Performance
December 5th, 2006

• How do you build any structure for learning successfully?
• Environmental constraints and considerations?
• What are the guides to ensuring knowledge success in the future?
• What to do when you hit the summit?

How do you build any structure successfully?

• Target and Goals

Several of the initial thoughts of any new company are to best try to mimic the success models that have been achieved in the past and minimize the failures of other organizations. It is vital to recognize and acknowledge that in order to reach ...view middle of the document...

It is important to have (or plan to have) the right benchmarks and targets, the right people, the right management structure, the right communication strategy, and the right platforms to drive or meet business requirements.

• Strong Foundations

Over the last quarter, the Philippines has been hit with two major typhoons that have ravaged the region and left several homes in peril, individuals hurt or homeless, and communities out of pocket. Building strong foundations is imperative to ensure that the fundamental knowledge of business essentials are understood by all employees at all levels and most especially – to better understand how your business operates. Sound knowledge foundations on internal processes will ensure efficiency and interdependence between business units. Sound knowledge foundations of external business relationships and deliverables are but primary requirements of the needs of your clients and their customers. In learning to educate an organization given these points, we must be able to first differentiate between business essentials, skills development, and leadership effectiveness.

Myopically, learning management teams automatically assume that the lack of skills are indicative of the need to improve leadership – since managers/leaders are responsible for development of staff. Yet, the more dynamic learning management teams take this opportunity as a follow-up to improving education to human capital; taking into strides – highly trained facilitators and resources, the cultural learning curve, company standards and validations of core and behavioral competencies. Without the aforementioned – organizations may suffer through non-cohesive departments, misconstrued expectations, staffing inefficiencies or excess expenditure due to over population of certain business units.

Environmental constraints and consideration?

While building your organization’s knowledge pyramid, it is important to continuously consider environmental constraints and considerations. In the Philippine contact center/BPO industry alone – sourcing quality G&A and management staff is highly competitive. By 2010, this industry will grow to an approximate one million employee pool across the country (four hundred thousand (400K) for the inbound and outbound voice, and six hundred thousand (600K) for the business processing outsourced portion of the business). Constraints such as short time frames for deployment, quality of applicants, limited resources, concurrent launches, and lack of on-boarding strategies are but a few to consider that will affect your ability to successfully on-board or build succession throughout certain levels – most especially in lower to senior management.

Although the industry truly supports a global business economy to which we can leverage off our partners and colleagues from around the globe; domestic considerations such a culture and lifestyle, education background, produce and standards are but...

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