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Building Shared Services At Rr Communications

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Mini Case #2:
Building Shared Services
At RR Communications

Dominick De Mauro
Nicholas Distefano
Kyle McNulty
Janine Minerva
September 18, 2011
Executive Summary:
In the mini-case Building Shared Services at PR Communications Vice President of IT, Vince Patton, is faced with the task of creating a single customer service center for the company. The case starts off with Vince firing the four divisional CIO’s, stating that “We don’t need any of you anymore. I’m creating one enterprise IT organization, and there’s no room for any of you.” (McKeen, p 127). Ross Roman, founder of PR Communications, then gives Vince the opportunity to completely turn around the IT ...view middle of the document...

Vince understands that this is going to be an extremely difficult task but knows that he needs to fire the existing DIO’s in order to achieve his vision.

Consolidating all the separate divisional IT services centers at PR Communications into one single customer service center will allow for more accurate and relevant data all in one place. First, by having all the data in one place PR Communications will be able to cut costs from external auditors. By consolidating all the data in one place auditors will be able to cut time by only testing information in that one system instead of four separate systems. Since auditors charge per hour PR will be able to dramatically cut audit costs.
Consolidating all the data into one place will allow PR Communications to readily locate data more efficiently. When searching for certain data the employee will only have to search one database rather than four. This will dramatically cut time wasted on searching through all four separate databases.
By having one single customer service center Vince can better integrate a general vision for the entire business rather than individual divisions. By having everyone on the same vision using the same data will allow for better business decisions as a whole. It would be difficult to promote one vision for four separate divisions without butting heads with others. By consolidating all the data Vince can get everyone on the same page and will be a major step for the company to implement new products and services.
Improving customer service is essential to retain and attract new customers. With the new single customer service center customers will only need to make one call the service center rather than worrying about what division to call. Having a user friendly system will help improve customer satisfaction and bring back existing customers. Customers have faced the problem of receiving multiple bills for each of their products, with the new system this will be eliminated. By consolidating all the divisions into one, each customer will only have to worry about one bill each month with each of the services they are provided. Keeping customers happy is essential to business operations and this consolidation will provide future benefits to their customers.

The divisional presidents had no support for the shared customer service center. Vince let it get to the point where he could do nothing else but let them go. We obviously don’t know every detail in the case but it’s assumed that the presidents did not want to help with the integration. If anything they were working against the grain doing spiteful things that slowed down Vince’s movement. Its unknown what type of relationship Vince had with the division presidents from the beginning, but it appears as if the divisional presidents felt as if they had not reason to know him or have a relationship with him.
With constant tension between the presidents and Vince he could not get them on board to fix the...

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