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Building Relationships Essay

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Homework Sheet 1

1. Explain how best a support worker can develop a relationship with their client.
A support worker can effectively develop a healthy working relationship with their client by initially laying down ground rules and boundaries, whilst maintaining these boundaries throughout. From my experience, if you approach your client with a non-judgemental attitude, are honest, committed and display resilience, reliability and mutual respect, a trusting stable working relationship will soon develop.

2. What is your understanding of ‘empathy’?
I believe that empathy is understanding/being aware of other people’s feelings by putting ...view middle of the document...

Boundaries must be applied at the beginning of any working relationship to ensure that the physical and emotional proximity boundary isn’t crossed.

5. List the stages of ‘general approach’.
My perception of ‘general approach’ is how I, as a support worker, would make contact with someone and how I in return would be perceived. The stages would include, to converse in a professional manner, correct non-verbal communication i.e. a confident posture, ensure eye contact is made. I would also have to possess the skill to listen, observe, question and analyze accurately. These stages of ‘general approach’ must be used when making contact with residents, other professionals, the emergency services, people from any ‘walks of life’, to ensure I am being perceived in a professional, approachable manner.

6. Write three statements that you feel would qualify as self motivating.
Self motivation is the ability to motivate yourself, to find a reason and strength to do something, without the need of being influenced by any other person. My understanding of a self motivating statement from a resident would be he or she too announce the prospect of something positive and of a constructive nature or outlook.
• “I’ve booked an appointment with Connexions as I want to enrol in an educational course”.
• “I want to and will give up smoking!”
• “I’ve applied for a job and have an interview booked for next week!”

7. State the necessary skills you require a support worker should possess in the development of your resident/client.

The skills I feel I need to possess within my role as a support worker to enable my client to develop are:
• Tact, patience and empathy
• To pursue and encourage the clients progression
• To gently and positively influence others
• A non-judgemental attitude
• A practical and flexible approach
• The ability to react quickly to new and challenging environments.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• To have the ability to assess situations within a plan and take appropriate action if this plan fails.

8. Explain how you would elicit a self motivating statement...

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