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Building Mass Essay

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There are 4 Key Components in gaining lean body mass:
They are:
1.Eat Lots of Good, Clean Food.
2. Work-Out Hard.
3. Supplement Properly.
4. Sleep Long.
Notice that I put "eating lots of good, clean food" at the top of the list. Let's face it, more Calories = more mass, period. To build muscle, it is imperative to have adequate calories to build with. This doesn't mean to rush to Burger King and order 10 Whoppers. LOL, you want good, clean calories, like those found in your basic, down-to-the-earth-type foods such as: Potatoes, Rice, Oatmeal, Beans, and Yams. Meals should not include much the following: dairy products, sugars, or fats. You need to try to break your ...view middle of the document...

from food and what you can't get, needs to be made up with supplements. Right now, I am eating between 2000 to 3000 calories a day because I'm preparing for a bodybuilding competition. Like I said earlier, you should be able to gain approximately 1-2 lbs. of muscle per 100 lbs. of bodyweight each week.
If you are not gaining this much, you should check to make sure that you are following all of these guidelines. There are many products out there. Some supplements are good and some just steal your money. Supplements that add Protein to your diet are very beneficial. I will leave it to you whether you want to use supplements or not, just try and pick ones that do not have much sugar in them.
Sleep Long
Many times, you are too caught up in the "joys" of life and don't find much time to sleep. Sleeping is essential because it is a time your body gets a break from the daily activities and is able to repair the muscle fibers that you tore during your workout. You have all heard the normal amount to get is 8 hours of sleep each night. The average teen needs more than 8 hours and this average teen is not a bodybuider. I say get as much as possible. I do good to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. In conclusion, I have summed up all you need to know about building muscle besides exercises and reps (This will be in another publishing) in one article. If you diligently follow these guidelines, you will build lean, sexy muscle that girls will go crazy over and can consider yourself a bodybuilder! Good Luck.
Meal 1 :
* 40g Protein Shake
* 100g Of Oats (Complex Carbs)
* 10g Of Flaxseed Oil
Meal 2:
* 4-6 Scrambled Eggs
* 2 Bagels
* 1 Bowl Of All Bran
* 1 Apple
Meal 3:
* Chicken Breast
* Cous Cous
* Large Portion Of Vegetables
* 1 Pear
* A Handful Of Prunes
Meal 4:
* Large Sweet Potato
* 1 Tin Of Tuna
* 2 Handfuls Of Almonds
* 1 Banana
Pre Workout:
* 20g Protein
* 5g Glutamine
* 50g Of Oats
Post Workout:
* 20g Protein
* 5g Creatine
* 5g Glutamine
* 25g Dextrose
* 25g Maltodextrin
Meal 6:
* Fish
* Cous Cous
* Large Portion Of Vegetables
* 1 Pear
* A Handful Of Prunes
* Before Bed: Cottage Cheese 1 Banana Protein Shake
* 10g Flaxseed Oil
Every one of us is affected by stress and just like anything else our genetics determine how well we can deal with it. Most of us have social, relationship, economical, environmental, and other factors that are body must deal with every day.
The interesting thing is that stress actually changes your body's chemistry. Trying to put up with stress results in a chemical change that may be quick or may take years, depending on which way your body wants to fight it. In the struggle to gain weight or...

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