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Building Blocks For Success For A Career In Education

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Building Blocks of Success for a Career in Education
Vicki Davis
Grand Canyon University: UNV 501
February 23, 2015

Building Blocks of a Successful Career in Education
The following is a bulleted list of important components each teacher candidate must achieve in order to continue on into a successful career in education. This outline will overview each of the following topics: TaskStream, Learner Goals, Professional Dispositions and Where to Start.
* Taskstream:
Taskstream is an e-portfolio that each student in the college of education is required to have. Throughout the students’ schooling they will be instructed to upload pertinent assignments that are attached to standards; ...view middle of the document...

* Data-Informed Decision Making: The educator uses data they have collected to drive the instruction, to better the school achievements and develop teaching practices.
* Performance Assessment: Using both formative and summative assessment, which will show the students’ achievement and the effectiveness of the teacher.
* Technology Integration: The teacher will use technology to enhance the students’ learning. Allowing the students to manipulate content they have learned in a way that will benefit them in the technology age in which they live.
* Field Experience/Clinical Practice--The teacher candidate will have opportunities to spend time in the classroom setting observing, practicing and applying what they have learned throughout their studies. This will give the teacher candidate the opportunity to see education in action.
* Professional Dispositions
Professional Dispositions are those qualities that address how a teacher interacts with students, families, the community and other professionals that lead to professional conduct. Professional dispositions include high expectations, respect for the diversity of others, fairness, professional conduct, reflection, curiosity, honesty, compassion, advocacy and dedication.
* High Expectations: Teachers know their students. They have an understanding of their learning styles, their passions and their ability level. They work collaboratively with other professionals and the students to create goals that are attainable, yet challenge the student individually, taking them to the next level in their learning.
* Respect for the Diversity of Others: Teachers will make every effort to see that respect plays a prominent role in every aspect of the classroom and beyond. “They should develop and maintain educational communities marked by respect for others.” (Professional Dispositions of Learners.) Students are at all times expected to show respect for everyone and to report any instance where this is not the case. The teacher will embrace cultural differences. The teacher will make every effort to understand the cultural background of all students and use it to further the educational experience of each student.
* Fairness: Fairness is a hard concept to grasp, but for the teacher it is the ability to make sure every student gets what they need to be successful. That all involved treat each other in a manner that is respectful. The teacher will take the time to know each of the students in and out of the classroom. Teachers will keep a high level of confidentiality which is mandated by the “… Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (20 U.S.C. § 1232g), known in education circles as FERPA or the Buckley Amendment…” (GCU, 2015). This fairness will carry over into all assessments whether formative or summative in nature.
* Professional Conduct: Professional conduct applies to in and out of the classroom, in and out of the school building. Educators must...

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