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Building An Ethical Organization Essay

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Building An Ethical Organization
Part 2
Michael Cottone
Tara Horn

As the newest business owner in my town I feel that it is my duty to write a mission statement and a value statement for our organization as well as an explanation of each and how they tie together. The basis of the organization is to provide strength and support to our local community. We want to be there for the families in the hardest trials of their lives. We want to give them hope for tomorrow. By eagerly accepting this challenge, we need to create a strong code of ...view middle of the document...

  A funeral home is a profit organization whose clientele is people from all walks of life and bank accounts.  When a corpse is brought to a funeral home, it is sometimes embalmed to delay decomposition. The procedure typically involves replacing the blood with a mixture of preservative chemicals and dyes, aspirating the internal organs and setting the facial features. Makeup is used to make the face and hands look more lifelike. The funeral home in my county is fantastic, and so are a few other funeral homes I have dealt with.  You have to have a real desire to work with hurting people to be able to take on such a career.  There are a few common types of services in North America. A traditional funeral service consists of a viewing (sometimes referred to as a visitation), a funeral service in a place of worship or the funeral home chapel and a graveside committal service.  Direct cremation consists of the funeral home receiving the corpse, preparing it for the crematory and filing the necessary legal paperwork. Direct/immediate burial is the forgoing of a funeral ceremony for a prompt, simple burial. Moving a corpse between mortuaries involves preparing it for shipment in a coffin strapped into an arbitrary or a combination unit. This is common when it is to be buried in a different locality than where the person died. The funeral home often sets aside one or more large areas for people to gather at a visitation. This area may contain a space to display the body in a casket to visitors who may pay their respects. Funeral and memorial services may also take place at the funeral home. Many funeral homes offer prearrangement options for those who wish to prepare their  funerals.
A mission statement in my mind should not only speak to the heart of those that work at the funeral home, but it should speak to that hurting soul. Out of all the funeral homes I have been around I have never been made to feel like I was not important. They have each and every one given me and my family or the family I was with feel like we were all they had to do in the world at that moment so I want my mission statement to be something that speaks to the heart. Whereas cost can be an issue for people now days, I do not wish it to be a problem when putting that loved one to rest. My mission statement would be to provide exceptional funeral or cremation service with a smile and a hug if necessary. Our mission here is to see you through your difficult time without breaking your bank. I want to see to the needs of not only your bank but your heart as well. Our mission statement supports the ethical system by offering a loving service to the community at a very affordable price. We are not trying to take advantage of someone who is hurting instead giving them an opportunity to grieve without the fear of not being able to afford a decent funeral for their loved one. Surprises often happen when death is involved, and it is our duty to step up and give a hand to...

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