Building An Access Control System Essay

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Assignment 1: Attack Methodology and Countermeasures
Terrance Moore
Professor Siplin
Perimeter Defense

When you are utilizing security features in an application, consideration should be given to the design, implementation, and deployment. It would helpful if you understand how a hacker thinks and then utilize the tools a hacker would use. Today, every company is becoming completely networked, through the exchanging of information on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Thinking like a hacker and understanding a hacker’s tactics and scams could make you aware and become more effective when applying countermeasures. There are several methods for carrying out ...view middle of the document...

“Some live system scanning tools are Angry IP Scanner a windows IP scanner that scans IPs of any range. It simply pings each IP address to check whether or not the system is alive. Nmap is used for port scanning. Nmap supports more than a dozen way to scan a network. Some scanning techniques used are UDP, TCP connect, TCP SYN (half open), FTP proxy (bounce attack), reverse-ident, ICMP (ping sweep), FIN, ACK sweep, Xmas, SYN sweep, IP and null scan”. (EC-Council. 2010. Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures Attack Phases. Clifton Park, NY: Cengage Learning)
Many different techniques are used as ways attackers will try to gather your information, to prevail and avoid attack you would need to stop the threat before it reaches the next phase. Reconnaissance attackers gather information using active or passive means. For example attackers obtaining details that are freely available gathering information from a company’s Web sites, company’s annual statements. Scanning attackers begins to actively probe the user for vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Gaining access attackers exploit the user to gain access to the system. Gaining access is where most of the damage is done to the device and is the crux of the system. For instance external denial-of-service attacks could stop services from running and shut down your computer systems. Another technique attacker’s use is called spoofing in order to exploit your system and pretending to be a legitimate user. Maintaining access to the system is vital once the attacker has gained access, the goal of the attack fails is they are unable to maintain control. Covering tracks once an attacker has violated a system will destroy all evidence of his or her attacks.
You could eliminate Trojans, viruses, and worms to your devices before catastrophic damage to your computer systems make it impossible to fix. Theses malicious bugs use different entry points as mentioned earlier. Trojans are able to enter through multiple applications including many commonly used systems such as Instant Messenger applications (IM), Attachments to e-mails, Physical Access, NetBIOS (file sharing), Fake programs and freeware, as...

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