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Research Project Assignment 2
Task 2.1
Match resources efficiently to the research question or hypothesis.

Invasion of privacy
For example, is observing the action of a shopper in a supermarket an invasion of his privacy?
Is questioning a person about her income, product use or future purchase plans an invasion of privacy?

Deceptive Practices
It is a deceptive practice when a researcher misrepresent the purpose of the research, its promises of anonymity, the amount of time required to participate in the research or inducement for participating in it.

Imposition on respondent
Here we are looking at actions by researchers that shoe a lack of ...view middle of the document...

The brief interview is anticipated to be 100hr each for 2 assistance. The total bill will be $10000 spread over a week in the No 6th week. This method is over cost effective consider the good respondent rate over other method like mail and telephone survey.
• Ability to evaluate factors like attitudes, feelings, opinion etc. These can be successfully analyzed through interview.
• Means of revealing actual causes behind the problem.

Limitation of brief interview
• The assistance researcher may be inexperience college student likely would have interview’s bias, for example, the are interview on site employee at random, they may approach the one with similar age only.
• As shown in table 2, a serious limitation is in depth interview are both costly and time. The combined salary of the chief research and its associates to totaled $4710 (assignment) 1 Table 1). This figure locks small enough. However the opportunity cast of the department manager’s time is beyond measurement. This ought also to include the disturbed time involving in the one site in depth interview.

Task 2.2





The Interviewing Research Process

Advantages and Disadvantages Of In Depth Interviews

One of the biggest advantages of an in-depth interview is that it's a sign the organization wants to know more about you. Being invited to a face-to-face interview and being told to spend one to two hours visiting with the hiring manager and possibly other interviewers is a significant step in the selection process. An in-depth interview generally indicates that you have moved from being a mere job applicant to becoming a candidate.

Throughout the time you spend in an in-depth interview, you are privy to organizational functions that you might never have witnessed if you were in the office for a brief interview or meeting. You may see changes in the business pace at different times of the day, such as how food and beverage workers shift into high gear as they prepare for a dinner rush, or how bank operations pick up near the close of business. An in-depth interview gives you the opportunity to ask substantive questions based on your observations. The chances are greater that you'll meet employees from a number of departments during an in-depth interview with the company.

Interviewer Bias
In-depth interviews tend to be less standardized and rely more on the interviewer's own questioning style and choice of subject matter. As a result, the interviewer can intentionally or unintentionally introduce her personal biases into the process. Instead of uncovering character or personality traits that best suit the position or the organization, she may make judgments based on her own preconceived ideas of what the ideal candidate should be like....

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