Btec Level 3 Business Unit 1 The Business Environment

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The Business Environment

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Tesco- The Business Environment

Tesco was started in 1919 in London’s East End; it was Jack Cohen who started selling from a stool after leaving the Royal Flying Corp at the end of the Great War. He used the money he received after demobbing to buy his first days stock.
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DOT COM- Another example of how Tesco’s have advanced along with the world’s technology. DOT COM allows customers to do their shopping from the comfort of their own home, they can choosing an entire shopping trolley online and an employee will then do the customers shopping for them and have it delivered to the customers door.
Clothing & Electrical- These two services are found on Tesco’s online shop or in the larger Tesco extra stores. Tesco’s own their own clothing brand in Cherokee and have made deals with many companies to sell multiple electrical items. This has widened their market to much more than just an average food shop. Tesco’s have become the third biggest retailer because of their determination to expand further only falling short behind Wal-Mart (USA) and Carrefour (France).

Pharmacy- Tesco’s run their own pharmacies within some of the larger stores it is for this draws customers in to be able to receive their proscribed medication which Tesco’s hope will then draw the customers to do their shopping while they are there.
Tesco’s Bank and Insurance- Tesco’s now allow customers to invest in home, pet and car insurance etc as well as having their own Tesco bank card that with a simple swipe allows the customer to pay for their shopping in store.

Tesco’s operate in the tertiary sector and their purpose is to maximise profit wherever it is possible to do so. Operating in the tertiary sector means to provide a service either to another business or customers. Tesco’s provide services to both, mainly to customers but also to other business’s e.g. Costa Coffee allowing Costa to set up coffee shops within the store with the idea that shoppers with go to Costa afterwards or that customers go for a coffee and then decide to do some shopping whilst they are there. Another example of a business in this sector could be Morrison’s they compete in the same market of customers as Tesco. They too provide a service to the customer.
Tesco also operate in the private sector as they are not government owned and the public do not fund them with taxes however they are a public limited company meaning that they float their shares on the stock market. A PLC is a company that I owned by not just one individual, it is owned by many shareholders, these shares are bought on the stock market. The value of shares goes up and down in worth depending on how well the Tesco is doing at the time. Should the company become bankrupt and in debt then each owner (anyone who owns shares) is viable to lose the amount they have invested in the business. Owners also have limited liability meaning that should Tesco ever end up in large amounts of debt, owners can only loose what they have invested into the business whereas unlimited liability means that should a business owe a lot of money, owners can have their items such as cars and even homes repossessed to pay back the debts.
Tesco’s are a large business employing over 530,000 people in 12 different...

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