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Bt Telephone Essay

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BT Telephone Case
1. What are the issues that evolve as a result of privatization?
* Introduction of domestic competition – refocusing of activities
* Reforms prepared BT for 3 main challenges:
* Regulatory barriers to international competition expected to breakdown
* Companies internationalized, they might prefer to deal with single worldwide telecommunications service companies. Tailored less neatly to specifically defined geographic areas
* Increased international competition and growing costs of technology = increased concentration of the market
2. What are some of the marketing implications of the technical advances?
* Telephone service company can use telephone services best to its advantages
* Makes selling easier, bound less by face-to-face interactions
* Consolidation of information/profiling customers
3. How were they ...view middle of the document...

What benefit is TAM to BT?
* Created advantage over competitors because they would be able to maintain customer relationship to ensure the longevity and continuity of their services
* Improve business, less negative feedback from customers because build lasting relationships
7. What were the results of the TAM system in Thamesway?
* Focus on continuation of services and genuinely understanding their needs as opposed to selling the “flavor of the month”
* Wanting to deal with specific person on a regular basis and continue this relationship with the same person over the duration of the services
* Tenfold increase of account coverage and threefold increase in customer purchasing levels among the pilot customers
* Lower ratio of cost to sales revenue than achieved by face-to-face contact
* More time for field service salespeople to talk to the larger customers

8. Why are some regions resisting TAM?
* First group of resistance wanting to wait to hear more feedback and see direct results of the initial implementations
* Second group of resistance from more urban areas like London, highest concentration of customers and faced greatest competitive threat
9. What would you do about Green and Meakin?
* Allow them to keep contact with Helen Dewhurst
* Maintain the customer first approach
* Reorganize the structure of the market segmentation system put in place with TAM system
* Since TAM people had extensive recruiting and training in the sales world before starting their position, they would be able to handle the field services positions
* Assign accounts to specific people and allow them to continue their service to the companies over their entire duration of the relationships with BT

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