Bsn Vs Adn Competencies Essay

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Difference in Skills between ADN’s and BSN Nursing
Misty Garcia
Grand Canyon University

March 05, 2015

ADN vs BSN Competencies
Nursing has transformed throughout the years. Nursing now requires a higher education to provide specialized and excellent care to patients. BSN nurses have increased knowledge to provide patient care that will lead to decreased mortality rates while hospitalized and nurses are able to provide better education for discharge planning.(, 2014) Nurses provide teaching, leadership, medication and skills to have better patient outcomes. Olga Yakusheva a researcher from University of Michigan reported that 10% increase in the proportion of ...view middle of the document...

Safety is a major factor in a patient’s living environment. These are a couple of questions that are asked before discharge. Example, a patient comes into the emergency room with rectal bleeding the patient is eventually admitted. After many test the patient receives his final diagnosis of Colon cancer. At this point the family and patient may have many questions. At this time being a BSN is when it is important. You are able to have the critical thinking skills that you may need to teach the patient and family. Teaching about the disease process, and discussing treatment is very important before a patients’ discharge date. A nurse with a BSN is able to educate patients on treatments and how these treatments can affect a person emotionally and physically. An important questions to ask a patient and their family is their beliefs, and primarily what’s best for the patient. Helping patients and families adjust to a new way lifestyle after a decision has been made is very challenging.
Registered nurses are the nurses that are creating and implementing care plans for patients in healthcare settings. These patients may be changing between care settings. RN’s assume on-site leadership roles. As the demand is growing for nurses, most nurses are returning to school and growing their knowledge in advanced practice. As the IOM future of Nursing report states, “A more educated nursing workforce would be better equipped to meet these demands.” “Newly licensed nurses with BSN degrees report feeling better prepared than their ADN counterparts in areas such as evidence-based practice, using quality improvement data analysis, and...

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