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Bsn Versus Asn Essay

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Educational Preparation
Education has a strong effect on a nurse’s ability to practice. All patient deserve the best educated nursing staff. According to researchers there is an interesting correlation between BSN education and lower mortality rate. Research also shows us that there are less medication errors and greater positive outcomes for the patients. The Nurses holding BSN degree have shown that they have decreased the risk of patient’s death. This topic will focus on the differences between ADN and BSN nursing care, based on the example of treatment a patient receives from both types of nurses.
Associate Nurse
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The broader and more depth education of BSN Nurses allows better understanding of many social, cultural, economic and political issues that impacts patient and influences healthcare. BSN Nurses help reduce the death rate. Researches shows that evidenced-based practice for good patient outcome.

To show the differences in between Baccalaureate nurse and Associate degree nurse by giving an example of a patient. As a registered nurse working on floor reported by the nursing assistant’s staff, Patient has a blister on his back. The registered nurse went to check patient and found that the patient has a fluid filled blister on his coccyx area. Wound was measured by RN and noted 4 by 4 cm elevated with fluid filled blister. Registered nurse made the change of
Condition form.MD was notified and got new orders for treatments. Responsible party, supervisor and dietician were all notified by registered nurse. Skin sheet and treatment orders care plan were made by registered nurse. Initial treatment done by registered nurse according to MD’s order.
RN approached the BSN for nursing care for same patient. BSN assessed the patient and checked the ability to move of the patient. The BSN assessed the nutrition status as well as the incontinence care for bowel and bladder. The BSN then proceeded to assess the mattress, compared the skin sheet on admission time and the present skin sheet. The BSN checked the history of preexisting chronic disease .The BSN assessed stage pressure observation measurement, the condition of wound, color, odor, exudate, condition of surrounding tissue. Obtained wound culture if indicated and consult the dietician for high calorie and high protein diet. BSN requested MD to prescribe supplements for wound healing. BSN made care plan for patient. The BSN made the schedule for nursing staff to turning and repositioning to patient for every two hours .The BSN followed-up for treatment orders and monitor for effectiveness. Provided pressure loss mattress to the patients. Followed-up labs, nutrition management, communicating to family and nursing staff for...

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