Bsn Professionally Moving Forward Essay

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BSN Professionally Moving Forward
Annemarie Rivaldo-Lindner
The College at Brockport State University of New York

It is a matter of professional choice at this point. Registered nurses can either, continue their education and earn a baccalaureate, or remain licensed with their associate degree. Both of these degrees allow a registered nurse to take the same exam for licensure. The level of education has proven that those who have completed a higher degree earn more money and have more opportunity for advancement. The registered nurse by some may be viewed more ...view middle of the document...

School requires commitment and much time to complete assignments and show up to class when necessary. The registered nurse who has an associate degree has earned this license and has hands on experience every day that they work. On the flip side of that coin though is the many positive points to having a baccalaureate degree.
When a registered nurse has their baccalaureate degree, the college education earned enhances a registered nurses knowledge base. Examples of this are, “becoming a professional and leader. Key competencies in this program include, nursing practice, research, communication, leadership, professionalism, cultural competency, teaching and critical thinking” (Hawkins & Shell, 2012, p. 3). Nursing has been identified as a profession which is encouraged by the institute of Medicine to hold a minimum baccalaureate degree. This level of learning is necessary to have “an appreciation of nursing discipline-specific knowledge” (Lee & Fawcett, 2013, p. 96-98).
In conclusion to the articles read and cited, it is imperative that...

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